"The world is moved along not only by the mighty shoves of it's heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker." -- Hellen Keller

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And for any legal folks out there foods, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, fuel, and medicine don't actually grow on trees but parts of the hemp plant can be used to make those products; often times saving trees.

Dracos is not only a place for e-commerce but a place for education and rhetoric as well. Please feel free to check out our hemp, health, ecology, and economy related articles.


Welcome to Dracos Hemp Emporium! Where we scour the world for the best Hemp, Health Supplements, Ecology, and Herb related products. We have a special affinity for products that are made in the USA!

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Because foods, oil, wax, resin, rope,
cloth, pulp, paper, fuel, and
medicine do grow on trees!

Welcome to Dracos Hemp Emporium

Donald Trump Toilet Paper $5.75

       The website www.scamadviser.com rated our website 88%!! Not bad at all for an independent website!!! See the original report at http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/www.dracoshempemporium.com     Although not all of their information about us is correct, we still thought it was a helpful assessment. We are definitely based in the US. We are a couple who live in MN and provide popular hemp, health, ecology, & economy related items at a significant discount compared to many (perhaps most) other stores. :) Why are our prices so discounted? Mostly because my wife is an extremely frugal shopper; but also to atttract more business. Our mission is to see the potential of industrial hemp realized by getting these products into your hands as quickly as possible. Using hemp in our daily lives helps promote natural clothing (for your  health) and raises awareness in our everyday lives! We want to see YOU or someone like you wearing hemp today. So we are going to offer you the most competitive prices as an incentive.

        A while ago I read some government spiel about how hemp is a "small specialty market and is likely to stay that way." Well we are not here to sell you obscure specialty goods.  We intend to provide both fashionable and durable goods that will bring you enjoyment for years to come! We know that, scientifically speaking, hemp is a  viable alternative to wood, plastic, dairy, meat etc. We decry the hypocrisy of the USDA insinuating that consumers will not embrace hemp products at Walmart and Whole Foods market whilst subsidizing more conventional industry as if there is some artificial shortage that needs to be corrected in order to spur economic development. Its a matter of preferential treatment for the current captains of industry and their lobbyists to promote nonsense "public health" campaigns which really promote feeding whatever agricultural commodity is cheap to produce and tastes good to primates (humans) whose bodies are mostly evolved to eat fruits and vegetables. Why dont they call on congress to promote this new crop for economic development and see where it goes? Hemp seeds contain all 10 essential amino acids that your body needs to form complete proteins! What are they afraid of? Whose interests are they representing?

          β€œHe who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell

Each honest worker deserves to own their own little slice of the means of production. Not just the 1%ers with the revolving door between plutocracy and OUR government.  It doesn't help that most hemp products must be imported or that hemp is not lining the shelves currently overflowing with cheap plasticity at every corporate department store, or that merely mentioning the word hemp spells death to our ability to advertise in many common media outlets. But since only X amount of people have heard why buy hemp? or know where to find such products such as online markets, hemp is treated like some luxury status symbol. Not everyone likes to shop online. (You could always use a prepaid card) Hey, if you're into luxury status symbols buy it here and claim that you paid more for it somewhere else. Or buy two and brag even more. But if you're like me you believe "Let there be positive change and let it begin with me" When you have a small but loyal and adamant base of customers you may have to set the price appropriately in order to meet operating costs. However, we would rather sell a larger volume of products at competitive prices and expand the hemp economy! Our profits help make this website economically viable. Instead of asking for donations we provide great products and great prices with valuable service including all the time, effort, and advocacy, all the webmastering, finding the best deals, and making great products available at competitive prices. As our business grows we are able to do more and more for the world and all our loyal followers, customers, hemp enthusiasts, and people of the world!! (and animals, and plants, and the earth itself). Please spread the word about this site so that we will be able to continue our work!



Dracos Hemp Emporium

Dracos Hemp Emporium

Because foods, oil, wax, resin, rope, cloth, pulp, paper, fuel, and medicine do grow on trees!

Welcome to Dracos Hemp Emporium

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