Understanding the 2-Step Method of Suicide Note Authentication Carole Chaski Applied to the Cobain Greenhouse Note

As indicated in this article, Carole Chaski, the forensic linguist featured in Soaked In Bleach, utilized linguistic software known as SNARE (“Suicide Note Assessment Review”*) as part of her evaluation of the greenhouse note discovered near Kurt Cobain’s body on April 8, 1994. SNARE, as indicated in that article, was presented at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences’ annual meeting (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Section, 2012).

Ms. Chaski has given the author permission to publish the SNARE abstract the linguist submitted to the Academy as part of SNARE’s presentation at the annual meeting. Those interested in learning more about SNARE can view and download the abstract via the link below. The abstract, in condensed form, can also be found on the Academy’s website.

Interested readers should note the two-step procedure of suicide note authentication, as explained in the abstract and which was applied to the greenhouse note, which consists of 1) an evaluation and classification by SNARE of a questioned document, followed by 2) an analyst performing a qualitative assessment of the questioned document to ensure SNARE’s classification is not in error.

The author believes those interested in learning about the circumstances of Kurt Cobain’s death should have access to reliable information in order for them to make an informed decision about his passing. SNARE determined that the greenhouse note was a suicide note in its entirety and Chaski’s qualitative assessment confirmed SNARE’s determination.

*Formerly known as “Suicide Note Assessment Research.”

Document: SNARE Abstract (View and Download)