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Writer’s Tip: Take Phen375 instead of Animal Cuts for faster results

Animal Cuts is a hardcore fat burner, it markets mainly to the bodybuilding community and its customer reviews are mostly positive, but some users said they felt sick and wouldn’t recommend it.

Its manufacturer “Universal Nutrition” claims Animal Cuts is a shredding formula that’s made for athletes and bodybuilders. However we found this aggressive supplement contains ingredients that can potentially cause side effects.

Animal Cuts uses gorilla marketing to target young men and teenagers, the package has a muscular man in blood red and the product website displays only the most massive men. They market to a younger crowd because they’re easier to influence, but we’re not so influenced and we have questions.

What Is Animal Cuts All About

(UPDATE: There’s a more effective fat burner available now. Lose weight faster)

Animal Cuts is not a new fat burner, It was released in 2009 and the creators have been in business since 1977 and are well respected. They offer a big line of products and have a reputation for making quality supplements.

Animal Cuts retails worldwide and the good part is that it retails for fairly cheap. We found the best price at and

The bad part about Animal Cuts is the amount of pills that you have to take. Each serving has 9 different pills and it requires two servings a day, which is 18 pills each day.

Ashley Ryan, Student, Houston TX, First thing is this stuff works pretty good. It takes two packets for the best results. But you definitely feel the energy hit you within about 20 minutes of taking them. So, effectiveness is not an issue. They work. They work well.

Luke Melton, Trainer, Miami FL, I ordered this product with high hopes after reading many really good reviews; however it literally made me too energetic. I took the product and 20 minutes later I was having overwhelming energy, not the good kind either.”

Animal Cuts will burn fat, boost the metabolism and energy, and reduce water weight. However with 9 pills each serving, it may be too much for a first time beginner.

We suggest you use the right supplement. You can find more supplemental information and an in-depth review by visiting our latest blog article, “Best Fat Burner

Where Do I Buy Animal Cuts?

animal cuts

The best place to purchase Animal Cuts is from Amazon, because you’ll receive the lowest price available.

Check Animal Cuts Price

How Does Animal Cuts Work?

Animal Cuts Review How Does It Work

Animal Cuts works by using a recipe that is made of 8 components. The components are complex formulas. They’re served throughout 9 pills and each component is responsible for a unique weight loss effect.

The 8 Components

  1. Thermogenic Complex 750 mg – Burns fat by raising the bodies core temperature.
  2. Thyroid Complex 350 mg – Regulates the metabolism and keeps it running smooth.
  3. Nootropic Complex 500 mg – Helps maintain proper brain chemistry and improve focus.
  4. Metabolic Complex 750 mg – Converts more food into energy and less food into body fat.
  5. Diuretic Complex 800 mg – Causes the body to shed water and makes the body look hard.
  6. CCK Inhibiting Complex 300 mg – Can suppress the appetite and help reduce food cravings
  7. Cortisol Complex 300 mg – Decreases Cortisol production and prevents muscle loss
  8. Special Bioavailability 500 mg – Enhances the effectiveness and absorption rate of the other ingredients.

Each serving contains over 40 active compounds. And for 21 days users will consume 4,250 milligrams of different ingredients. But for this reason there is a high chance of side effects and is not safe for some users.

We discovered you don’t have to take every pill component. If the diuretic pill complex causes you to visit the bathroom too often or the thermogenic pill complex cause heat flashes, you don’t have to take all the pills. The pill components are color coded. For example, if you don’t want to take the diuretics, just remove the two blue pills.


  • It is very popular among the bodybuilding community
  • There are many positive customer Animal Cuts reviews
  • It is made by a reputable company that has been around for 35+ years


  • It has no evidence that it works
  • There is a high chance of side effects
  • Contains more Caffeine than most supplements we review

Animal Cuts is more extreme than most supplements we review. And may be too much for a beginner to take as their first fat burner. At least some of the ingredients have clinical studies and are effective. But so many ingredients can create a lot of side effects and negatively affect some users.

How Does Animal Cuts Burn Fat?

Animal Cuts burns fat by using 3 different fat burning components. There are 8 total components. But 3 of them that are specially made to burn fat. Which are the thermogenic complex, metabolic complex, and thyroid complex.

Each of the 3 fat burning components features a few key ingredients that are responsible for burning fat. Some of the ingredients have scientific backing and evidence that they work. But Animal Cuts has not been studied or trialed on humans. We’ve broke down the ingredients that are responsible for burning fat.

Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine Anhydrous is the dried form of Caffeine. It made for pill form and is more potent. The use of Caffeine creates Lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat. It raises alertness and mental focus. But using Caffeine for too long will cause users to build a tolerance.

Guarana – Guarana is a popular energy supplement. It has the highest concentration of Caffeine in any plant and contains up to 5.8% of Caffeine by weight. Coffee has only up to 2%

Green Tea Extract – Green Tea Extract has scientific backing that it can provoke weight loss. It helps clean the body of toxins and boosts energy. The increase in energy will cause the body to burn more calories.

L-Tyrosine – Tyrosine is an amino acid and a building block of protein. It can improve the appetite suppressant effects of ingredients that stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Which mean Tyrosine can enhance the effects of Caffeine and stimulants.

The ingredients contain more caffeine than most supplements on the market. Some consumer Animal Cuts reviews said the Caffeine was too much and caused negative side effects. You should drink lots of water to help dilute the Caffeine. But if you experience jitteriness you should stop taking the red pills.

Where to Buy Animal Cuts

Does Animal Cuts Have Any Side Effects?

Animal Cuts Review Side Effects

Animal Cuts can have a higher chance of side effects because it has nine different pills per serving. Safety precaution should be taken when taking this supplement. Do not mix with caffeine products or take before bed.

There is a possibility of light side effects. These light side effects can include increased energy, sweats, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and nervousness. These light side effect are prone to those are sensitive to caffeine.

There is a possibility of bad side effects. These side effects can include head pain, restlessness, insomnia, dizziness, and difficulty breathing. Immediately discontinue use if you experience any of these symptoms.

This fat burner should only be taken by adults who are eighteen or older. If you have been prescribed medication or suffer from a medical condition, consult your caretaker or doctor prior to use.

Healthy diet and an exercise routine should be followed when taking this fat burner. It will help reduce side effects. The more active you are the less likely you are of suffering a side effect.

Are Animal Cut Pills Sold at GNC?

Buy Animal Cuts Pills At GNC

You can walk into your local GNC and ask for Animal Cuts pills, chances are that they have it. Usually get a much better price on online and sometimes save up to twenty percent. However that’s if you don’t mind waiting a few days for your package to arrive.

There are a huge selection of supplements at GNC, but most of them don’t work and will waste your money. That’s not the case for this supplement. It’s worth it’s value and has created good results for many customers.

There are many online retailers where you can buy this supplement for a cheaper price. The manufacturer Universal Nutrition has a website sales page where you can buy Animal Cuts directly, but the best price is found on

This thermogenic supplement is considered hardcore and not for the feint. It has 8 different components,  requires 9 pills each serving and two servings per day.

The eight different components of Animal cuts are actually complexes of ingredients. In this next section I’ll break down each complex in greater detail. So that you have a good understanding of what I mean by complex and how this dietary supplement works.

The Eight Weight Loss Complexes in Animal Cuts

How Does Animal Cuts Burn Fat

The thermogenic complex 750 mg is made up of ingredients such as “Capsicum”, which comes from chili powder and helps raise your body temperature. This will cause calories to be burned at a faster than normal rate. Some customers even had up to 300 extra calories being burned into energy. This makes creating a caloric deficit much easier and if you mix that with a workout plan you will get great before and after results with this supplement.

If you suffer from a slow metabolism, it may be because of your thyroid gland found in the throat. Animal Cuts has a unique Thyroid Complex 350 mg that will assist your Thyroid gland and boost the metabolism. Many customers have seen a big spike in their metabolism after taking this product. However those with the ectomorphic body type will least benefit from this complex, because their bodies already burn calories faster than normal.

To prevent weight loss fatigue and feeling tired there is a Nootropic complex 500 mg that is healthy for the brain. It ensures that the brains chemistry is correct and increase concentration so that it’s easier focus throughout the day. I used to be skeptical of nootropic supplements and thought that they were a scam. After trying Animal Cuts I can now say it did help me because I did not get distracted as much at work and I was more attentive.

Humans are not meant to be skinny, the truth is our bodies are conditioned to store fat and burn it only if we’re starving. That can make losing weight very difficult, but with the Metabolic Complex 750 mg in this supplement your body will burn more fat and convert it into energy faster.  It will be easier to get out of bed and the best part is that you can almost feel the results coming after about two weeks.

A lot of us do look bigger than we really are because of water weight. Animal Cuts contains an excellent Diuretic Complex 800 mg that will help you shed off unwanted water from the muscles so that you look more lean and cut.

If you’re a man or woman we all want the sexy v in the waist and this dietary supplement will do that. Look at the many Animal Cuts customer reviews and they’ll praise how effective it was at stomping food cravings. The CCK Inhibiting Complex 300 mg will control your appetite and make it easier to be full with less food.

If you combine this product with a ketogenic diet and hard exercises you will see astonishing performance improvements. To fight overtraining the body may experience, the Cortisol Complex 300 mg will prevent lactic acid from building in the muscle and reduce stress from being fatigued.

The longer you take a supplement, the more your body will develop a tolerance. Eventually most weight loss products stop being effective on their users, but that’s not the case for AC. Its Special Bioavailability 500 mg will act as a catalyst to overcome any tolerance build up. It amplifies the effectiveness of the other ingredients and increase their absorption in the digestive tract. This makes all the other complexes hit the body harder and for a longer period of time.

Animal Cuts Is a Dietary Supplement for Bodybuilding

Animal Cuts Bodybuilding Transformation

I was a bodybuilder for many years, at times I felt things were going good in the gym but I always felt chubby in my mind. There was a lot of fat in my muscles that I wanted to lose, it really hard though and cardio wasn’t something I wanted to do.

A friend told me that I should try, “Animal Cuts”. He recommended it and told me that he got really shredded with it. I could even see it in my friend’s face, he was leaner and looked more facially aesthetic.

When we lose body fat, it comes off as a whole. There is no such thing as spot reduction, when you burn fat it will come off everywhere at once, slowly. Belly fat and inner thigh fat will reduce at the same time. As you begin to lower the percentage of body fat, the face begins to look more attractive and aesthetic.

People who were overweight can transform and look very attractive after they reveal their facial aesthetics. Men can expect to look more masculine and ripped. The jawline will become more visible and the cheek bones indented. Women will look more feminine and supermodel attractive. Lips become plumper, the rest of the face stays thin. Eyes look thinner and facial aesthetic appear gorgeous.

Animal Cuts Diuretic

The diuretic complex in Animal Cuts is good for bodybuilders, and will help any user to shed water weight to look more toned. The shredded look is not possibly if the body is bloated with water. This supplement does an excellent job at stripping water and also fat weight, so that your muscles stand out and pop. This product has a good reputation with the fitness community since its release in 1977.

The customer reviews are full of success stories, and highly recommend it for anyone who goes to the gym. If you want lose weight fast than this is a great supplement for you to take, especially if you’re on a cutting cycle or exercise weekly. Next, I’ll cover the results you can expect and the before and after transformation of other customers.

Animal Cuts Before and After Results

animal cuts before and after female picture

There are hundreds of positive stories from customers that have taken this supplement. I’ve gathered before and after photos of different users so you can see their real results. Look at how much better these people look and feel, it shows in their faces. They smile wider in the after photo, as if they have a higher self esteem. I’ve also added some customer comments and opinions for your viewing pleasure.

Michael, Athlete, 24, “I was always skinny, getting bullied was an everyday thing at school. I dreamed of being big enough to beat my enemies up, but I was born with a small frame and smart brain. At least that’s what my mom always told me. So I started working out and a few years later after graduating college I ran into an old bully. He was out of shape and over weight, while I was 20 pounds heavier with lean muscle. It was silent revenge and felt so good, that sounds bad I know.

I took a lot of supplements during my journey and I am qualified to say that Animal Cuts is one of the best for cutting. If you need to get rid of that last bit of belly fat than this fat burner will get the job done. It’s fairly cheap also and I recommend it as well.”

Sarah, Dentist, 31, As a woman I know how difficult it is to stress over weight management. When I got older it became harder to lose weight  and after we having three kids there was no time for exercising. My baby fat stayed with me for many years. It was an insecurity that I hit. My clothing were baggy, I dressed like a forty year old woman even though I was in my mid twenties. That all changed after I started taking Animal Cuts. The container is filled with packets and each packet contains nine pills. You take your first serving in the morning and second serving after lunch. It’s best not to take it too late or you will have some side effects like insomnia and night sweats.

After two months of taking this supplement I have lost over fifteen pounds and look so much skinnier than before. My girlfriends tell me that I look great now, so if you’re in the market for a fat burner than I suggest trying Animal Cuts because it really worked for me.”

“Animal Cuts continuously proves it’s an effective weight loss supplement”

Success stories from man taking animal cuts fat burner

You can see from these two customer reviews that they’ve had great results. You can achieve the same success as Ryan and Ashley using this supplement. However if you’re regularly eating junk food like McDonalds or Burger King than it will be much harder to see real progress. The best results happen when you follow a ketogenic diet and exercise routine on a daily basis.

Feed yourself the proper nutrition so that you grow and remain healthy while growing. I don’t mean getting fat, I mean you will lose body fat while your muscles start to look more defined and bigger.

When my friend started taking this dietary supplement to burn fat, he didn’t think that it would work and felt that he wasting his time. Three weeks later, he had lost more weight than initially expected. Six pack abs were starting to show and his self esteem was much higher.

One could even say that losing weight or exercising is a sure way to boost self confidence and have a mental transformation. It was apparent in my friend because he acted in a different manner. Things did not bother him like before, he was calm and sure of his actions.

Masculine Bodybuilder Taking Animal Cuts Fat Burner

If you want to be more masculine, society demands that you act cool and emotionless. That’s so far from reality though. We all feel and hurt. How we deal with those emotions are what separates the weak from the strong. If your goal is to take Animal Cuts and lose twenty pounds so that you can feel better about yourself than do it. However no matter how much fat you burn, the most important aspect is to train your mind and character.

The body will fade and grow old. Muscles will turn to dust, but a strong character will stay with you for eternity. It can be challenging or difficult, it’s no one’s task but yours. So you have to push yourself with daily dedication and have the discipline to not give up when things get hard.

It takes courage to be strong, a lifetime of regrets can lead to unhappiness but only we are to blame for those mistakes. So put the extra work in and hold yourself accountable. We have one chance, so do not give in to gluttony and overeating.

Animal Cuts vs Animal Pak

Animal Cuts vs Animal Pak Supplement

Animal Pak is a multi-vitamin made by Universal Nutrition, which are the creators of Animal Cuts. Both these products work together and can be taken at the same time. Animal Cuts is a fat burner and does not cause any side effects if you mix it with the Animal Pak multi-vitamin.

It’s recommended that you first change your caloric intake so that you’re consuming less calories than your maintenance level.  This will result in a caloric deficit and you’ll lose weight.

If you can manage your diet well, there isn’t a need for cardio because you’re already burning fat calories with the diet. It’s like getting lean muscle growth as if your bulking but you’re really cutting down and burning fat.

Cramps can be painful and can occur at any moment. The most common cause is due to lack of magnesium. One of the benefits of Animal Pak is that its full of Magnesium and Potassium, which will act as lubricate for your muscles and prevent cramps. You can buy it at GNC and find it for less than forty dollars.

Animal Cuts Amazon

The best prices will always be found online. To be honest from my experience with vitamins, you don’t need anything fancy and can get away with taking a cheap brand. Instead of spending a fortune on a brand name supplement.

There’s a third supplement made by Universal Nutrition that can also be taken with Animal Cuts and Animal  Pak. It’s a hormone booster, that increase anabolism levels such as testosterone. The popular “Animal Stak” can be taken in a cycle with the two other Animal supplements.

The combination of taking all three Universal Nutrition supplements will improve your protein synthesis and the recovery rate of your body. So that you lose weight quickly, while your muscles grow defined and at a faster rate.

Can I take Animal Cuts and Coffee Together?

Caffeine side effects from Coffee and Animal Cuts

If you already drink coffee on a regular basis than you shouldn’t have a problem mixing Animal Cuts and Coffee. However the combination of the two can cause caffeine related side effects. So there is no need to begin drinking Coffee if you don’t already, but if it’s been part of your morning routine than it shouldn’t be an issue.

Coffee affects the nervous system, it can increase focus and enhances concentration. It’s a daily drink for millions of Americans, the majority of the world’s workforce uses it for a boost of energy.  However Caffeine is very psychoactive and its side effects can become addictive over time.

My aunt drank coffee for many years and now if she doesn’t have her two cups a day her brain starts to hurt. Caffeine creates an addiction by affecting your blood vessels and making them smaller. The scientific term is known as Vasoconstriction. It’s best that you only drink two cups of coffee a week, but that’s if you’re taking Animal Cuts.

Is Animal Cuts Safe for Women?

Many women ask is Animal Cuts for me? That depends on how active they are, if you exercise everyday like my wife than yes do take it. You should try to adjust your caloric intake and cardio to lose weight. After you hit a plateau with your weight loss journey, that’s when you should try this supplement. It’s not worth the potential side effects that you could suffer, it’s better to lift natural before using cell tech.

I’ll let my wife share her thoughts on this product. She’s a mother of two and has been going to the gym for over a year now. “It’s awesome to feel great about yourself and have high self esteem. That wasn’t always the case for me after I had my third child. I felt sluggish and slow most of the time. My husband kept motivating me to workout and said it would change my energy levels. In only two week I had lost ten pounds and I became addicted to the gym.

Exercising became my life! When I couldn’t get skinnier with cardio I knew it was time to get a supplement for that extra boost. Animal Cuts wasn’t my first choice, it had great customer reviews but looked like it was more for men. I ended up getting it anyways because it was a hardcore fat burner and it really worked. The fat came flying off, my v taper and my abs were constantly visible.”

Does Liposuction Really Work?

Does Liposuction Really Work

Many are turning to Liposuction for overnight results, it’s a minor weight loss surgery  that works but has some seriously scary “gone wrong” stories. Approximately one person in every ten thousand dies from the surgery, so it’s not to be taken lightly. Lipo shapes the body by removing fat, which is sucked out by using a vacuum tube. If that’s not frightening enough, sometimes the outer skin becomes bumpy from underneath.

There are many possible complications and results normally do not last longer than a few months. Surgical scars usually last from a year to a lifetime, but scarring depends on the person. Patients can suffer from post-operative weight gain and other side effects like bruising and pain. There’s still the possibility of infection and irregular healing that requires medical attention. Yet, it remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries.

Liposuction has multiple requirements for patients to be able to undergo the cosmetic surgery. On contrary to popular belief, this surgery is not for those who are obese. Patients must be skinny with elastic skin and have visible areas of fat. Lipo is meant for the mid thirties woman who is healthy and of normal weight for her size. However studies have shown that the results don’t last and the fat reformulates after a few months.

“Lipo has evolved over the years but the risks remain”

liposuction surgery danger and risk

Technology is rapidly changing how lipo is performed, now there’s options like laser, water, and external liposuction. Its a short surgery that’s relatively painless, those given anesthesia feel nothing but the following week can be very painful. Absolutely no smoking is allowed before or after the surgery, it can cause serious bruising and other complications.

The recovery process is fairly short, most patients felt fine in three days to three weeks. However a protection bandage has to be worn for a month to relieve swelling. Final results will be fully visible after the initial discoloration fades and inflammation in the body has reduced.

Although liposuction is the most common cosmetic surgery in the world, many of its patients gain their weight back in only a few months. The relapse rate for Lipo is so high because it doesn’t solve the patients root issues like overeating and bad junk food habits. However those who followed a diet and exercised kept the weight off and didn’t gain it back after the surgery.

Since the 1960’s Lipo has been improving and growing in popularity. In the late 1990s it had hit the United States hard and suddenly was a mainstream trend amongst celebrities and super models. Now medical doctors have devised a noninvasive Lipo, which has a substantially reduced recovery time frame.

This weight loss surgery is technically cheating, its results are artificial and man made which is why they don’t last. Lipo will never beat a diet and exercise. Patients should try to change their fat causing habits first or risk gaining all the weight back.

How Do I Take Animal Cuts?

How to take Animal Cuts doseage instructions label

To properly take Animal Cuts follow the dosage instructions on the label very carefully. Two servings are required each day and each serving comes in a packet. Take your first packet in the morning immediately after waking up and the second packet four to six hours later; preferably on a full stomach.

Do not take Animal Cuts longer than three weeks, take one week off a month. Follow a 3 weeks on and 1 week off split. Also, the pills are color coded by their effect, the diuretics are blue and the thermogenics are red. So if you’re frequently urinating too often, you can stop taking the blue bills or only take half the dosing size. This supplement has a ton of caffeine, don’t use it in combination with other caffeinated products.

The best way to take Animal Cuts is on a full stomach, food will help digest the pills and improve the absorption rate of the ingredients. There are nine pills per serving, swallowing them one at a time can take up to five minutes. Unfortunately, that’s one of the commitment requirements of this supplement, you have to take eighteen pills a day, but the results are promising and users are very satisfied.

My Animal Cuts Results After One Week

Animal Cuts 1 Week Transformation

I was chubby for the majority of my early life, it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I became a health enthusiast and started losing excess weight. In the last few years I’ve had to try a lot of different weight loss supplements, but there’s results to show for it. The best fat burner that I’ve taken is Phen375, which is why it’s our #1 recommend review on Fat Burner Depot. However for those thinking about Animal Cuts I’ll share the results that I’ve seen after one week of taking it.

Currently I’m taking Animal Cuts, it’s been around 190 hours or eight days. The first few days I was sweating and urinating a lot from the diuretics, but the good part is that it really makes hunger go away. I can go hours without eating anything and don’t feel bad from missing meals. It’s too soon to tell if it’s just water weight or actual fat but I’ve lost around four pounds already and am looking skinnier in the mirror.

This supplement gives a huge energy boost. My workouts are more intense and last longer because I’m not as easily fatigued from exercise. After one week of taking Animal Cuts I think it’s effective and does a good job at burning fat and suppressing the appetite. If you need a new supplement than it’s a great choice and worth the money. Once I finish taking my Animal Cuts pills I’ll share the final before and after transformation pictures.

If you’re interested in buying it, you can get the best price on Amazon. It costs less than forty dollars and your purchase should come with a money back guarantee. Although some customers reviews reported constipation after one week of taking it, but that may have been due to a poor diet or bad eating habits. I’ve had zero side effects and feel great taking it. 

Final Thoughts

Buy Animal Cuts Pills At GNC

If you’ve had a challenge with weight loss like me, or are wanting to find a supplement that will surely provide noticeable results, Animal Cuts is definitely one of your best choices currently on the market.

This supplement truly is a unique and well built with quality ingredients. It will tackle weight loss in a variety of different ways and that’s how it provides great results in a small period of time while keeping your body functioning normally.

The best place to purchase Animal Cuts is from because you’ll receive the lowest price available. Its 5% to 15% even cheaper for Amazon Prime members. So if you’re not a member already, it’s worth signing up and that’s how I save money each year on my Christmas shopping.

Where to Buy Animal Cuts

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