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Placard-waving pensioners stage protests outside BBC headquarters against the 'scandalous' decision to axe free TV licences for over-75s 

21/06/19 18:55

21/06/19 17:20

The Hollywood heartthrob is across the pond to promote Spider-Man: Far From Home and was spotted outside the BBC Radio 2 studios on Friday looking cheerful.

21/06/19 14:19

BBC London politics editor Tim Donovan was in Uxbridge, west London, breaking down the battle for the country's next PM when the teen appeared from nowhere and parroted him.

21/06/19 12:16

James Corden admitted he was feeling 'sick with nerves' about reuniting with his co-stars for the very firs Gavin and Stacey read-through, set to take place next week.

21/06/19 11:59

Mark Carney (pictured) says that the UK leaves the EU without a trade agreement in place, there will be both short-term and long-term consequences in terms of trade for Britain.

21/06/19 10:56

Poldark star Beatie Edney accused the BBC of 'ageism' after she claimed they didn't invite her to the premiere of the new season on Thursday evening.

21/06/19 04:32

BBC journalist Andrew Marr has linked residents of Primrose Hill 'living in their nice houses' taking drugs with the slaughter on the streets of the capital, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.

21/06/19 02:18

Judith Lewis, 59, emerged as the winner of the quiz series on Thursday after being given a point for answering a question on the symbol of the Army's Desert Rats 'correctly'.

21/06/19 01:10

The BBC confirmed on Thursday that it the singing competition show would come to an end after its second season.

20/06/19 18:36

The corporation says it will learn lessons after it was accused of breaching its own rules on impartiality during the biggest political show of the year watched by 5.8million people.

20/06/19 18:16

The five-way BBC debate earlier this week has been widely condemned after it emerged one of the 'ordinary voters' posting questions was an imam who had previously posted vile tweets about Israel.

20/06/19 16:26

The dancer, 28, will candidly discuss her body issues on Thursday's Lorraine as part of a new series called Body Confidential.

20/06/19 12:58

A post by Aman Thakar about the Nazi leader was unearthed after he was exposed as a former Labour employee and the party's Southwark council candidate in 2018.

20/06/19 08:53

Boris Johnson referred to his 'Muslim great grandfather' during yesterday's televised Tory leadership debate as he defended himself against accusations of Islamophobia.

20/06/19 08:18

SIMON WALTERS: Rory Stewart's decision to rip off his tie in the middle of Tuesday's Tory leadership TV hustings turned out to be a flamboyant gesture too far for the Tory leadership hopeful.

20/06/19 07:46

STEPHEN GLOVER: After the fiasco of the BBC's leadership debate on Tuesday evening, it was still just about possible to think that what happened was more cock-up than conspiracy.

20/06/19 02:21

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said there was 'clear bias' against the Conservatives and regulator Ofcom should be called in. He added the BBC 'must apologise.'

20/06/19 02:15

The corporation has been rocked by scandal after an Imam's anti-Semitic tweets were not found and they failed to tell the 5million people watching that Aman Thakar stood to be a Labour councillor.

20/06/19 02:04

Former Coronation Street star Catherine Tyldesley is the latest celeb name to be linked to the 2019 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

20/06/19 01:02

Chris Patten (pictured), the chancellor of the University of Oxford, and Sir Michael Lyons said the BBC made a mistake by agreeing to take on the licence cost from the Government.

19/06/19 22:48

EXCLUSIVE: Qatar World Cup 2022 organisers have held extensive talks with the BBC's Sports News Correspondent Richard Conway about becoming a spin doctor for the state.

19/06/19 19:08

Erin Curtis (pictured) from Scotland asked the candidates if they would make tough carbon neutral pledges, and has now revealed that she is part of the Student Climate Network

19/06/19 17:21

Home Secretary Sajid Javid demanded Abdullah Patel 'practise what he preach' in the wake of exchanges on the BBC's TV debate last night.

19/06/19 17:06

Actor Reggie Yates spent five days as an inmate at Bexar County jail in Texas, one of the biggest prisons in the state. He was shocked by the very minor crimes committed by some of the inmates there.

19/06/19 16:42

The remaining five Tory leadership candidates faced off in a BBC debate on Tuesday evening and clashed on issues such as Brexit and taxation.

19/06/19 16:23

The 46-year-old Tory MP may not be destined for Downing Street anytime soon but he's certainly won a few hearts during the race for the Tory leadership.

19/06/19 12:08

Emily Maitlis who hosted the much-anticipated TV debate was singled out for criticism online after the five candidates talked over each other and made it hard to hear answers to questions.

19/06/19 11:11

Boris Johnson lined up alongside Rory Stewart, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove and Sajid Javid for the hour-long session at the BBC studios in London.

19/06/19 10:37

The International Development Secretary was widely mocked on social media for removing the item of clothing as he went head to head with his Tory leadership rivals on the BBC.

19/06/19 09:50

Referring to comments by Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership TV debate that his remarks made no difference, Richard Ratcliffe told the Today programme: 'Of course they had consequences.'.

19/06/19 09:02

EastEnders bosses revealed on Tuesday that the actress, 56, is set to join the soap as Sheree, a new love interest for Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker).

18/06/19 23:21

The circular chair format chosen by the BBC made it look like a boy band was being interviewed, with people on Twitter comparing the Tory leadership candidates to Irish crooners Westlife.

18/06/19 22:55

Director-general Lord Tony Hall says the incoming Tory government were the reason the BBC decided to take on the expensive concession - which could cost the UK broadcaster £725 million by 2020.

18/06/19 21:28

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Trade was giving an interview on BBC news when he was unwittingly interrupted by the 'Siri' voice activation function on his iPhone.

18/06/19 16:35

The soap star, 47, opted for a dressed down appearance as she stepped out to visit her local post office with a pal in London earlier this month.

18/06/19 13:39

Campbell posted a tweet to his 141,300 followers on Monday showing the teenager's untidy room adding that the mess had 'really p*****' him off.

18/06/19 08:30

The 58-year-old radio presenter slammed his daughter's untidiness as he said to her 'it just really p***** me off' and told her the mess strewn across her bedroom was 'completely unacceptable'.

18/06/19 07:10

Boris Johnson's allies were grilled by the BBC's Emma Barnett and ITV's Piers Morgan today as the former foreign secretary was criticised for failing to answer questions about his personal life.

18/06/19 01:36

Miss Rani, 41, told Channel 4's Diverse festival in Bradford yesterday that as an Asian woman, 'I'm expected to explain why I should be presenting something much more than others'.

17/06/19 20:50

The Mayor said it was 'remarkable' the President was 'amplifying a racist tweet'. It comes after Trump said Khan was a 'national disgrace destroying London'.

17/06/19 19:10

Presenter Lucy White is pictured above on The Seven, one of the programmes on the BBC's new flagship Scottish TV channel which did not register a single viewer.

17/06/19 11:27

Rivals berated Boris Johnson for not being 'arsed' to take part in the debate last night before turning on each other over Brexit. Pictures reveal that Boris stayed at home in London for a takeaway.

17/06/19 09:52

DOMINIC LAWSON: BBC Newsnight also cited the Depression of the 1930s as the nearest thing to modern Britain under the Conservatives.

17/06/19 09:21

For some, it's Jodie Comer's brilliant performance that have made Killing Eve such a hit. For others it's her designer wardrobe that keeps them glued to the BBC drama.

17/06/19 08:57

The Irish host, 34, kept up with her presenting schedule as she was pictured entering the BBC Radio 5 Studios in London, England, on Sunday morning.

17/06/19 07:26

The Foreign Secretary has insisted an independent UK assessment puts the blame for the two tanker attacks firmly on Tehran but insisted neither the US now Iran is seeking war.

17/06/19 06:55

The ABC is continuing to mock a One Nation senator to promote a Q&A; science special, after the national broadcaster's new boss declared the organisation needed to be more balanced.

16/06/19 22:48

The BBC defended its lavish pay deals yesterday as petitions to save free TV licences for the over-75s edged towards one million signatures.

16/06/19 22:30

It was confirmed on Sunday that talks have begun between Sky and World Cup organisers for the final on July 14 at Lord's to be made available outside of the subscription channel.

16/06/19 15:36

Tory rivals have slammed the front runner for his 'submarine' campaign strategy, jibing that no-one 'knows what he believes'.

16/06/19 13:44

Warren urged the Londoner not to take a rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr, who defeated him in New York earlier this month as a late replacement following Jarrell Miller's positive drug test.

16/06/19 09:34

Under the new rule, only over-75s who receive Pension Credit will be eligible for a free licence in the UK from next year.

16/06/19 08:58

The thing that annoys me about it most is that the Corporation will be destroyed by its lavish spending of public money, which isn't really that bad.

15/06/19 17:48

The petition on the Age UK website, entitled Switched Off: Save free TV for older people, reached the 500,000 mark on Saturday afternoon.

15/06/19 14:24

Cheryl, 35, was once again showing off her daring fashion sense in a quirky yellow lace top and red sunglasses she arrived at BBC Radio 2 on Saturday.

15/06/19 10:44

David Baddiel labelled the BBC 'cowardly' after the organisation censored the joke which Jo Brand has made regarding the state of politics in the UK.

15/06/19 08:19

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: The fact the BBC scrapped the free license fee in the UK is outrageous.

15/06/19 01:25

A nationwide demonstration at BBC offices throughout the nation will take place next week amid growing fury at the decision to strip 3.7million over-75s of their free TV licences next year.

14/06/19 21:27

BBC South East reporter Amanda Akass was  presenting a live segment on train tickets outside of Tunbridge Wells station when the man came up behind her and began shouting expletives.

14/06/19 17:47

Tim Bilton, 47, of West Yorkshire, was first diagnosed with melanoma in March 2013. He felt confident he had beaten it, only to discover stage four cancer in his left leg and kidney in December.

14/06/19 17:15

Special Forces are asking the government to approve a secret operation that would see them shift from manhunts in the Middle East to focus on counter-intelligence missions guarding against Russia.

14/06/19 16:38

It takes place almost immediately after the next round of leadership votes, in which several of the six remaining candidates are expected to fail to meet the 33 vote target to progress to round three.

14/06/19 16:37

The International development Secretary, who previously described himself as the 'anti-Boris' choice in the race to replace Theresa May, said he would be 'honoured to serve' if asked.

14/06/19 16:34

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Jo Brand was talking about the fashion for chucking milkshake over Right-wing politicians. Farage was on the receiving end while campaigning in Newcastle.

14/06/19 16:33

Martin Surl spoke to the BBC presenter after he appeared at Cheltenham Magistrates court in Gloucestershire yesterday to thank him for not fighting charges against him for speeding.

14/06/19 14:51

The 61-year-old comic (pictured last night) was due to attend the Alzheimer's Society event, with Buzz Bingo, in London on Saturday, but a spokesman said her 'schedule has changed'.

14/06/19 14:27

Camilla, 71, was elegant in a cornflower blue dress as she joined DJ Chris Evans, 53, at Windsor Castle to present prizes for BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show's 500 Words competition.

14/06/19 14:11

Jo Brand joked on Radio 4 that protestors should throw 'battery acid' rather than milkshakes on politicians they disliked but insisted she could not be fired by the BBC, not being an employee.

14/06/19 12:15

Former England director of cricket Andrew Strauss, 42, has revealed that telling his sons, Sam, 13, an Luca, 10, their mum was going to die was the 'hardest conversation' of his life.

14/06/19 08:21

BEN FOGLE, pictured with his mother, actress Julia Foster, explains why he was disgusted at the BBC's announcement that the license fee would no longer be free for Britain's over-75s.

14/06/19 07:38

The former Mayor of London is now the only candidate who has not agreed to the Channel 4 show, fuelling accusations that he is limiting his media appearances to avoid scrutiny.

14/06/19 07:12

The House of Lords probe will look in particular at the effect of online gambling on society and the 'gamblification' of sport. It will also look at whether lotteries push people towards gambling issues.

14/06/19 02:16

The former Newsnight host accused the BBC of 'shooting itself in the foot' for accepting responsibility for the benefit from the government.

14/06/19 00:40

Brand, 61, (pictured today) said she had nothing to say to Farage and others outraged by her comments as she spoke outside her £1.9million house in Dulwich, south east London.

14/06/19 00:28

In an interview about her new album, Madame X, Madonna has revealed how she made herself stand out from the other girls in dance class.

13/06/19 21:49

Rob Lowe wants to lead a reboot of The West Wing. The actor starred in the political drama as Deputy White House Communications Director Seaborn for four years between 1999 and 2003.

13/06/19 17:02

Home Secretary Sajid Javid was a notable omission from the opulent event at Buckingham Palace last week in honour of the US president.

13/06/19 17:01

Newsreader George Alagiah has spoken warmly of his supportive fans as he prepares to face yet more treatment for bowel cancer.

13/06/19 16:59

Victims including Sophie Hall (pictured) who was sprayed with a corrosive substance in a London nightclub demanded police take action after Brand suggested acid should be thrown on politicians.

13/06/19 16:27

Perched halfway up a cliff, in the Devon resort of Salcombe, the six-bedroom property cost £6.35million when Woodford, 59, and second wife Madelaine.