'When did she steal Tootsie's glasses?' Bachelor fans mock Cat Henesey's 'hideous' style... as she's kicked off the show for bullying the other women

12/06/19 05:18

31/05/19 07:29

Taking to Twitter to vent, one frustrated fan wrote: 'Either press the button or sit the F (sic) down.'

02/05/19 03:15

Mariah Carey has proved she's the queen on memes after she posted a picture of her playing a dowdy social worker in the movie Precious alongside her The Emancipation of Mimi album cover.

23/04/19 14:28

Dani Dyer hit back at a fan's claim she had cheated on her hunky ex with former flame Sammy Kimmence in a now-deleted tweet, reports The Sun. The Love Island winner, 22, was said to be incensed after fans claimed she had been texting Sammy when she was still with Jack.

16/04/19 17:22

Zayn Malik, 26, has taken to Twitter to unleash a bizarre social media rant on Wednesday, in which he tells everyone to go 'f*** themselves' while also claiming 'this ain’t a place for feelings.'

15/04/19 12:27

There's still hours before the eighth and final season of Game Of Thrones premieres for fans around the world. But according to Twitter, Thursday already saw over 15 million Tweets about the show in 2019.

09/04/19 09:40

Dozens of historical posts with racist language aimed at Premier League players such as Mohamed Salah, Danny Welbeck and Raheem Sterling have been found.

09/04/19 08:16

Pelosi was discussing the members of Congress with large Twitter followers on Monday. While she didn't mention AOC by name, the freshman NY Congresswoman has amassed a huge following.

08/04/19 21:21

On Married at First Sight's dramatic finale on Monday night, Daniel Webb was left heartbroken after watching footage of his girlfriend Jessika Power propositioning their co-star Nic Jovanovic. 

08/04/19 17:16

Anne Thériault, 35, from Toronto, took to Twitter over the weekend to share the common signs that women have hit their mid-thirties, which include an obsession with ventilation and turning lights off.

08/04/19 13:32

The lawyer and husband of top Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway unleashed a flurry of tweets lambasting the president on Sunday in response to Nielsen's sudden resignation.

07/04/19 02:43

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seemed to slip into an accent during speech on Friday. Her critics pounced, calling the accent 'fake' but others defended her, saying she was code switching.

06/04/19 18:54

Kevin Keiley, 55, of Worthing, created his Instagram account with the handle @sussexroyal, the same name as his Twitter account, around three years ago.

06/04/19 01:01

Malcolm Robertson, a photographer and Scottish father-of-two, shared the snap of a beach on the island of Iona. The photograph quickly went viral, as Twitter users were amazed.

05/04/19 13:17

Talia Lavin, from the US, started an amusing Twitter thread by asking her followers to reveal the most disastrous date they've ever had - including one lady whose date projectile vomited.

05/04/19 08:32

When Kate Spicer's dog Wolfy strolled out of her brother's north London home in October 2015, he lit the fuse on nine harrowing days of the writer's life as she stopped at nothing to get him back.

04/04/19 17:10

The Sussex Royal Twitter handle, which matches the name of Harry and Meghan's new official Instagram account, is now unavailable, prompting speculation the couple will soon take it over.

04/04/19 16:39

Paul Griffiths, 58, from Hartlepool in County Durham, created his My Favourite Bench page three years ago and now has an incredible 5000 followers.

04/04/19 14:45

Kylie Jenner was glimpsed enjoying a sunlit stroll with her assistant Victoria Villaroel in Los Angeles this Wednesday.

04/04/19 08:35

The 46-year-old Hollywood superstar on Monday played off of an April Fool's prank the New England Patriots quarterback, 41, perpetrated, teasing his own retirement.

04/04/19 07:50

Katherine Oberg from Seattle said that her Grandma Dorothy had surgery and was recovering at her parents' house. They protected her from the dogs by putting her behind a fence.

03/04/19 11:08

'Hillary wanted to put up wind, wind,' Trump said in wide-ranging remarks at the National Republican Congressional Committee's spring fundraising dinner in DC on Tuesday.

02/04/19 15:38

On Tuesday night, Married At First Sight dedicated an entire episode to Heidi Latcham and Mike Gunner. 

02/04/19 08:38

The British actress best known for playing Tilly Masterson in 1964 film Goldfinger alongside Sean Connery was mourned by James Bond fans and bosses of the franchise on Sunday.

01/04/19 22:54

A US Twitter shared two images of traffic, which have been retweeted more than 22,000 times. One showed lines of light shooting from the cars and traffic lights, and may indicate astigmatism.

01/04/19 21:54

Fans of Meghan Markle are throwing a global baby shower for the Duchess by using the hashtag #GlobalSussexBabyShower, and donating to some of the royal's favourite charities.

01/04/19 21:44

Kylie Jenner doesn't seem TOO upset with Jordyn Woods. The makeup mogul, 21, seemed to show some love as her Twitter photo is currently a giant picture of herself and Jordyn, 21.

01/04/19 21:43

South Bend, Indiana mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg's husband Chasten Buttigieg began the viral thread on March 26.

01/04/19 20:13

New England Patriots fans who forgot that it's April Fools' Day might have been panicking when 41-year-old quarterback Tom Brady tweeted on Monday that he had decided to retire.

01/04/19 11:09

US flyer United proudly boasted about its decision on Twitter to its 1.2million followers. But it was met with a barrage of funny comments.

31/03/19 15:57

Married At First Sight's Dan Webb gave Jessika Power a commitment ring during their final vows ceremony on Sunday night.

31/03/19 14:42

Prince William and Harry's iniative 'Head's Together' was just one of those users reminding others to treat those who find the day 'painful' with compassion on Mothering Sunday

30/03/19 12:18

A group of female friends attending Clark Atlanta University has left the internet in stitches after doing their best impressions of various emojis in a very funny group text thread.

29/03/19 17:46

After an image of 'bread sliced' bagels - which are supposedly popular in St. Louis - went viral, people are cracking jokes about other foods eaten 'St. Louis style.'

29/03/19 09:28

Sent to an older cousin by the excited pre-teens, the images were reposted with the youngster's heads blurred out.

29/03/19 07:56

The new Keeping Up With The Kardashians sneak peek leaned heavily on Khloe Kardashian's anguish over her split from Tristan Thompson.

28/03/19 21:34

The TV presenter, 48, attended a Mother's Day pamper event in London, England, on Thursday as she was pictured for the first time since her ex-boyfriend Keith Flint's shock death aged 49.

28/03/19 20:39

A Channel 4 documentary on the friendship and feud between two of hip-hops greatest names in Jay-Z and Kanye West divided viewers. Many felt Kanye was bullied by his mentor, New York's Jay-Z.

28/03/19 20:37

Liam Gallagher has hit out after appearing to have been told that he wasn't allowed to swear while onstage at Leeds Festival on Saturday.

28/03/19 18:53

Twitter could soon add annotations to tweets that violate its policies, including those posted by public officials or President Donald Trump. It's unclear how the tool would work or who it would apply to.

28/03/19 14:22

The three tech giants have been asked to provide assistance ahead of the 2020 count, as Bureau sources say the agency fears disruption from right-wing groups and foreign actors online.

28/03/19 13:12

The Apprentice boss, 72, made the faux pas when he filmed himself showing off his new Samsung S8 at his Essex home yesterday and uploaded the clip to social media.

28/03/19 11:11

When faced with cooking for some of Hong Kong's culinary elite, three out of the four contestants struggled with their complicated dishes - but were saved from ruin by their fellow amateur cooks.

28/03/19 11:00

The tweet was sent by the 'Sheffield and Yorkshire Direct Action Brexit Group to Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna, David Lammy, Angela Smith and Sarah Wollaston.

27/03/19 22:11

Alek Krautmann said it's a St. Louis 'secret' to slice bagels like bread. Many Twitter users, New Yorkers in particular, are horrified and have told him he should be 'ashamed' of himself

27/03/19 21:25

The viral prank instructs users to change their birth year to 2007 to get cash or even get their account verified. But, users end up locked out because it violates Twitter's policies around underage users.

27/03/19 15:42

Denise McAllister slammed The View, linking to an article about McCain, earlier this week. McAllister writers for The Federalist, which is owned by McCain's husband.

27/03/19 12:49

The romance guru, 37, worked with Mike when he featured on her former TV series Celebs Go Dating last year.

27/03/19 11:17

Talk in MMA circles has been rife as to his next fight but Conor McGregor looked to call time on his career on social media, only for fans to refuse to believe his announcement is not a hoax.

26/03/19 15:00

The controversial copyright law was approved by 348 to 274. It will force YouTube, Google and Facebook to take responsibility for copyrighted material posted on their platforms

26/03/19 11:58

Classical pianist Sharon Su shared a series of bathtub tray advertisements on Twitter to show the ridiculous items the company selected.

26/03/19 09:04

Classical pianist Susan Wu, from California, took to Twitter to share the hilarious adverts created by bath tray manufacturers.

25/03/19 13:36

Irish journalist Steve O'Rourke tweeted to ask his followers if not having a specific side of the bed was unusual after a debate with his colleagues - and the response was baffling.

24/03/19 22:39

Jokes and memes flooded social media Saturday and Sunday after Robert Mueller handed his report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday.

24/03/19 19:20

Masterchef's Atul Kochhar had previously issued a grovelling apology after he became embroiled in a Twitter row with one of Meghan Markle 's closest friends, the actress Priyanka Chopra.

24/03/19 14:03

Host of online broadcaster Radio Aryan, who uses the nickname 'Sven Longshanks', said the New Zealand mass-killing was 'the price of diversity'. The radio show was accessible through his Twitter.

24/03/19 11:01

He was clearly desperate to leave his 'marriage' to Jessika Power. 

22/03/19 19:51

The viral thread, which has seen approximately 17,000 responses, kicked off on Thursday evening when user Hashtag Roundup asked users to reveal 'the best part of being a kid' on Twitter

22/03/19 13:52

'It’s not right the way they do it. I know exactly what they’re doing. They take people off my account. They make it very hard for people to join,' the president told the Fox Business Network.

22/03/19 08:52

The 29-year-old politician stressed for her supporters to follow her on Twitter for updates after the brief meeting at Westchester Square Library in the Bronx on Thursday.

21/03/19 07:38

Social media users said they were distracted by Elizabeth Holmes' voice while watching the 35-year-old Theranos CEO in HBO documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley on Monday.

21/03/19 01:48

NBA star Nick Young took to Twitter on Monday to announce he's expecting his third child with girlfriend Keonna Green, and now he's asking Twitter for help in naming his child.

20/03/19 15:34

Maine residents Lee and Sue started their account, @420oldfatlesbians, to erase stigmas about fat people, old people, lesbians, and weed smokers. They are very popular.

20/03/19 15:15

The video was posted by Twitter user 'Grimiestt', a sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York, who also posts x-rated content on social media.

19/03/19 22:30

Delaware mayor Mike Purzycki 'inadvertently retweeted' a screenshot of an offensive tweet directed at Irish immigrants falsely claiming many came to the country in slavery.

19/03/19 21:30

Trump's social media guru complained that Facebook was preventing him from communicating with his followers. Don Jr. said in an op-ed about 'Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives.

19/03/19 17:07

Republican Congressman Devin Nunes failed the lawsuit against Twitter in a Virginia state court and lists two anonymous parody accounts as defendants.

18/03/19 23:53

Donald Trump Jr. slammed tech companies like Twitter in an op-ed Rep. Devin Nunes, a prominent Republican congressman, sued Twitter for 'shadow-banning conservatives.'

17/03/19 21:38

President Donald Trump lashed out at Fox News anchors Arthel Neville, Leland Vittert, and Shepard Smith and argued they should be working at CNN, the network he loves to deride as 'fake news.'

17/03/19 20:17

The singer, 45, is said to have lashed out at the ex-Oasis frontman during a concert at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas on Saturday.

17/03/19 16:07

Nadia Essex has spoken exclusively to MailOnline about the disturbing abuse she has received on Twitter in wake of her friend Mike Thalassitis' death.

16/03/19 23:38

Cross-dressing pop star Marilyn was left baffled when he was reported for being ‘anti-transgender’ on Twitter last week for rejecting the idea of ‘gender fluidity’, claiming there are 'only two sexes'.

15/03/19 08:08

O'Rourke, 46, announced on Wednesday that he was running for president. His Vanity Fair cover was released on the same day, featuring his dog Artemis off to the side with 'sad' eyes.

14/03/19 18:41

The Russo Brothers' released a new trailer for the hotly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame via Twitter on Thursday.

14/03/19 10:53

Liisi Kadanik, who lives in Manchester, launched a search online to track down and thank the UK-based call handler who helped organise an ambulance for her grandmother in Estonia.

14/03/19 07:11

Posting on the account he shares with Dec, 43, the TV star shared a tweet that actor Daniel Mays had written about his new film Fisherman's Friends.

14/03/19 00:55

Last month Married At First Sight star Elizabeth Sobinoff had viewers in stitches when she reheated a piece of pizza in the toaster. 

13/03/19 23:33

Jack Dorsey has found himself at the center of new scrutiny after he appeared on a podcast hosted by fitness writer Ben Greenfield, who is also known for promoting anti-vaccination theories.

13/03/19 19:12

Users swipe left on their timeline to open the new camera, where they can shoot a quick photo or two-minute video by holding down on the circular button in the center of the screen.

13/03/19 15:48

President Donald Trump on Wednesday slammed the #FakeMelania conspiracy theory bouncing around the internet - and talked about on The View - placing fault with the 'deranged' media.