Bring your own device

Our "BYOD" Program is an affordable way for you to activate a used or inactive CDMA/GSM device with one of our no-contract plans.

WARNING: You must select 3G for 3G devices and 4G for 4G devices. Service will not work if you select the wrong service type.
3G 4G

Activating is simple

Check device
Check SIM
Explore plans

The answer is

Can't find Device ID? Click here for instructions

I have a SIM card.

Find It Within Your Device

  • 1. From your home screen, select "Settings".
  • 2. Select "General".
  • 3. Select "About".
  • 4. Scroll down to the ICCID number.

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Bring Your Own Device Guidelines:
  • Device must have a CLEAN Electronic Serial Number (ESN) often referred to as MEID, DEC, HEX, or IMEI
  • Sprint devices must pass Sprint FED (Financial Eligibility Date) eligibility check
  • Device cannot be flashed, cloned, jail-broken or manipulated from Original Factory Settings
  • Device is not marked as lost or stolen
  • All new Sprint Devices are on the blacklist for 1 year after their retail activation
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