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Introducing Folyo's Designer-Matching Service, a truly hands-free way to meet a designer fast...

Job boards take weeks or months. When it's all said and done you've invested 10+ hours into finding someone. You have to sort through dozens if not hundreds of resumes and portfolios from whatever designers happened to check the job board that day.

Your time is more valuable than that. Your company deserves a more targeted search. With Folyo, your project gets sent directly to 3,500+ vetted designer inboxes and you meet with only the right designers for your project or staff, guaranteed.

Unlike recruiters and talent networks that charge a cut and can quickly add up to over $10,000+ for per hire, Folyo’s fees are designed NOT to dictate your profits. Schedule a call today to learn more.

Industry-leading experts we've helped recently


"Folyo did all the legwork. Great job filtering down to just the people who really met the detailed requirements. The icing on the cake was the interview recordings – which made it a really efficient process for us." – Theresa Neil, Founder, Guidea and O'Reilly Author


“Navigating the hiring process is hard. I’m not an expert in design. But Folyo helped guide me on what to focus on.” – Max Leiserson, Principal, Leiserson Research Group


“Robert presented me with several really good options that helped me curate and understand who was best for my project.” – Mike Julian, CEO, The Duckbill Group and O'Reilly Author