General Surgery

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Experienced professional specialists are here for providing quality heath care. Our doctors are committed to pursuing excellence in patient care and treatment. India's top doctors are here to serve you. Surgerian and therapists are here for kidney transplants.

Easy assessments of medicine with vast pharmaceutical. Well furnished AC fitted cabin and facilitating all comfort at affordable cost.

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The dept. of General surgery is manned by Senior Consultant Surgeons,who are highly qualified and well trained in India and abroad and they are well supported by resident doctors and registrars to take care of the admitted patients in the hospital.

Highlights of Surgical Services
- The surgical services include the performance of specialized and complex surgical procedures for the management of diseases of various parts of the body such as; Diseases of the liver and biliary tract,hydatid cyst,abscesses,gallstones,cholesystisis and post cholesystectomy complications,cholangitis,biliary tract strictures,choledochal cysts,all forms of surgical jaundice and pancreatic pseudocysts name a few.

- Disease of the stomach and alimentary canal including ulcers,tuberculosis,intstinal obstruction and perforation.
- Conventional (Open) as well as laparoscopic surgery for gall bladder and appendix.
- Breast diseases,hydrocele,hemorrhids (piles),anal fistula and fissures and various surface swelling etc.
- Emergency surgery for injuries (rupture spleen,blunt and penetrating abdominal
injury),perforation,peritonitis,appendicitis,intestinal obstructions etc.