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Laboratory Services, at Gastro & Kidney Care Hospital is housed with state of the art instruments and facility. The laboratory is well equipped with fully automated machines with state of art technology. The concept of this Laboratory is to have a one point contact with the Diagnostics department. The Laboratory is dedicated to serve IGKC expert physicians and its patients, by providing a more intimate relationship between clinical diagnostic testing and the physicians’ office. It is located on the Ground floor.

Highlights of IGKC Laboratory Services

World’s Best diagnostic technology
All tests are run on all days (No batch runs)
Full time, dedicated & professionally qualified pathologist & microbiologogist
Rapid Diagnosis: This help in Quick administration of drug, Patients stay at
hospital is reduced.
Integrated approach: Clinicians and Physicians come together in early and correct

Division of Hematology, Immunohematology and Coagulation

The division helps in diagnosis of Anemia, Leukaemia and various reasons for Low
platelet count.The division is well equipped with automation which helps in
screening for malaria, dengue fever,hemolysis and early diagnosis of sepsis.
Bleeding disorders like hemophilia and hypercoagulability states (thrombophilia)
like Deep vein thrombosis can be diagnosed with help of automated Coagulometer.
Individual Factors like Protein C.Protein S and Anti-Thrombin III detection with
help of mixing tests facilitates this.

Automated extended Differential Hematology Analyzer- Capable of Performing Cell
counts of blood, body fluids, reticulocyte and Immature Granulocyte. (Sysmex 4000i
, 2000i) Automated Coagulometer- delivers Coagulation tests like PT, PTT, etc. (CA
500 and CA 1500)Automated ESR Machine (Vesmatic)

The advantage of the hematology machines are

Early diagnosis of red cell disorders- Anemia, WBC- disorders like Leukemia and
platelet disorders-thrombocytopenia and thrombocytosis.
The Machines are capable of screening for Malaria and Dengue fever,
Early diagnosis of Sepsis(Immature Granulocytes)
Absolute Body fluid counts especially CSF, where manual counts are difficult to
pick up meningitis.
Error free reports on PT and PTT which are screening tests for bleeding disorders.

Division of Histopathology & Cytology

The division helps in diagnosing diseases by studying the tissue biopsy.
Rapid Diagnosis-Frozen section facility helps in immediate diagnosis of the
disease during surgery which helps in clinical management decision. Margin
Clearance of Cancer are being facilitated by pathologists in consultation with
Cytology of Cervical smear (Pap Smear) and body fluids are done with help of
conventional and Cytospin method. Cytospin helps in getting high yield of cells
especially to diagnose brain fever with help of CSF.

Automated Tissue processor
Automated Tissue Embedding station
Automated Stainer
Semi Automated Microtome


The division takes care to give the histopathology and cytology reports within 24
hours and in case of emergency within 3hrs.
This helps in Clinical management, especially Transplant patients. The Cryostat is
a machine helpful for frozen sections (Intra-operative diagnosis). The diagnosis
of any lesion is communicated within 20 minutes to the surgeon so as to plan the
surgical management.
The cytology handles Gynecologic and non-Gynecologic Smears including exfoliative
cytology. The division uses cytospin to concentrate the submitted fluid and
correlates with the Automated Body fluid machine.
The bone Marrow smears and Bone marrow biopsy are also reported.

Division of Clinical pathology

The laboratory has an integrated approach of analyzing the entire urine and nor
individualized tests.
The division also performs screening tests for inborn errors of metabolism,
Myogloblin and Bence Jones protein. The division also handles Stool analysis,
Occult blood detection , semen Analysis and Body fluid examination


Automated Urine Analyzer- Merck


Helps in qualitative estimation of 11 parameters in urine.