Lineage and Honors

Each unit within the 100th Infantry Division in World War II earned a unique set of honors and campaign participation credits. Just click to see the official lineage and honors of each 100th Infantry Division, their insignia, and their campaign credits.

Division Headquarters

397th Infantry Regiment

398th Infantry Regiment

399th Infantry Regiment

373d Field Artillery Battalion

374th Field Artillery Battalion

375th Field Artillery Battalion

925th Field Artillery Battalion

325th Engineer Combat Battalion

325th Medical Battalion

100th Recon Troop

100th Signal Company

800th Ordnance Company

100th Quartermaster Company

100th Military Police Platoon

*Except where noted on some pages, the Distinctive Insignia for each unit are from the collection of MSG Ray Connolly, US Army (Retired), who kindly provided them for the use of the 100th Infantry Division Association on this site.