Yobs who left a young man with half a head after attacking him escape charges

Steve Gator half a head injuries

Attack: Steve Gator had to have half his skull removed by surgeons after being set upon

The mother of a young man left with half his skull missing following a horrifying attack has criticised the criminal justice system after it emerged the two thugs responsible will never face prosecution.

Steve Gator, 26, spent two weeks in a coma and was given just a 15 per cent chance of survival after he was punched to the ground as he walked home from work.

Surgeons were forced to remove the front half of his skull to save his life, but the forklift driver has been left horribly disfigured and brain damaged following the brutal assault.

Mr Gator's mother, Nina, 47, today spoke of her outrage after it emerged neither of the teenage brutes who attacked her son are to face justice.

Despite Mr Gator's obvious injuries,  the Crown Prosecution Service have dropped the case claiming there is not enough evidence to go ahead with the prosecution.

''It is ridiculous for the CPS to say they do not have enough evidence, you just have to look at Steve to see the damage they have caused,'' Mrs Gator, who cares for her son full-time, said.

''What more evidence do they need?

'Everyone is entitled to their day in court and it should be up to a jury to decide if they are guilty or not.

'In my mind it is about money. They simply don't want to pay for the trial.

'My son's life has been change irrevocably because of this attack, but they are still walking around as if nothing has happened.

'I am disgusted that they will get off scot free.'

Nina Gator with son Steve who was left with half a head

Devastated: Steve's mother Nina, shown here with her son, was told that he had just a 15 per cent chance of survival after the attack

Mr Gator, from Romford, Essex, was walking home from work at around 7.30pm on January 15 this year when the attack happened.

He claimed he overheard a group of youths talking about his cousin and threatening to harm him, so confronted the group.

But he was set upon by two teenagers who started throwing punches.

Mr Gator was knocked off his feet and smacked his head on the pavement.

He was taken to the Queen's Hospital, Romford, and spent two weeks in a coma.

Doctors were forced to remove a large part of his skull to reduce the swelling on his brain and give him a chance of survival.

But Mr Gator, who has been forced to quit his job, has been left with brain damage and suffers frequent seizures. He can no longer drive, has difficulty talking, and his memory and personality have been altered forever.

Police quickly arrested the two youths responsible and charged them with unlawful wounding.

But it has emerged that prosecutors had decided to drop the charges against the teenagers because they claim there is no longer a 'realistic prospect of conviction.''

Corrine Soanders, Crown Prosecutor for Havering, said: 'A decision was made to charge both defendants with unlawful wounding on 17 January 2009.

'Once the CPS had been supplied with all the necessary evidence relevant to this case, a full review showed there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

'This is a key test which must be met to bring a prosecution and in light of this, the case against the two defendants was discontinued.'

Yobs who left young man with half a head escape charges