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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

5 Unforgettable Mass Killings In Plateau State

The past few days have been turbulent and unforgettable for the residents of Plateau State especially those of Riyom, Barkin Ladi and Jos South as a good number of persons were, reportedly, killed by unknown rampaging, murderous men who swept through these environs like wildfire from the night of Saturday 23 June 2018.

The first victims of these killings were said to be mourners returning from a funeral. Many of the over 100 that have been reported dead are women and children.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

10 Defining Moments In Nigeria's History

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is not a country unknown in the committee of nations. It is indeed a force to reckon with both in Africa and elsewhere. 
Her children are also in front burner in every corner of the planet earth. Factually, Nigerians are one of the most traveled and industrious people on earth.

Below is a list of some defining moments in her history.