The 100th Infantry Division Digital Archives

The “Sons of Bitche” in World War II

The George C. Marshall Library, in conjunction with the 100th Infantry Division Association, has created a Digital Archive to highlight the 100th’s World War II combat history.  This archive includes not only the Division’s history, The Story of the Century, but the regimental and company histories and many individual stories as well. Also included in the digital archive are many wartime photos.

Read more about the 100th Infantry Division at:
  http://www.marshallfoundation. org/100thsplash.htm

The Digital Archive is just part of the complete 100th Infantry Division archive, which is housed at the Marshall Library in Lexington, Virginia. It includes a myriad of printed materials about the 100th’s time in combat–books (histories and memoirs), newspapers, photos, maps, copies of wartime documents (operational, administrative, and logistical), correspondence, and much more.

For further information about the donation of a document or to make a monetary donation to the 100th Division Digital Archive, please contact:

The 100th Infantry Division Association
c/o Aegis Consulting Group
PO Box 629
Bedford, PA 15522