Widcombe Deli


Fabulous home made goodies, special quiche and topless tarts! Great coffee & teas to be enjoyed on the beautiful parade of Widcombe - outside catering too

Bath, England
Beigetreten März 2016


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  1. 24. Aug.

    Summer Puddings because it’s a beautiful Summer weekend❣️

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  2. 24. Aug.

    All dressed up and a summer lunch to attend ....

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  3. 23. Aug.

    Why thank you lovely people! We also are privileged to have the best customers in Bath!❣️

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    18. Aug.

    Turpin antiques are at the Brecon millitary fair in wales today

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    18. Aug.

    Gentleman mouse about Bath, Arthur had set his alarm to wake him so as not to miss the deadline for overseas post for Christmas (yes I said it! 🙈😂) In his rush he has forgotten to change out of his pjs!

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  6. 13. Aug.
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    12. Aug.
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    8. Aug.

    How delicious does this look? Local pork supplied to us by in Bath, just a few miles away

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  9. 1. Aug.
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    28. Juli
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  11. 28. Juli

    And other Indi’s that pay their taxes ...

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    23. Juli

    A prime minister has never been elected by the public. We elect the party. Electing individuals opens the door to personality contests, the very thing we're all deriding right now.

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  13. 22. Juli
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    20. Juli

    The cows turn to head for the hills.

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    19. Juli

    Your seventh most frequently used emoji describes your sex life: 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    14. Juli

    My parents are replacing their coffee machine, which is 7 years old. Me: that’s not that old, I have sheets older than that. Mother: well perhaps your sheets aren’t getting as much action as our coffee machine. I’m going to need an ambulance.

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  17. 13. Juli

    Very happy Romanian Fairies today! 🧚🏼‍♀️ ❣️

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    12. Juli

    Girl: "Mom, Do you know where my ripped jeans are?" Me: "Are they in the wash?" Girl: "Well no I put them in the laundry room yesterday morning so they should be done I think." She has the same idea of how the laundry room works as her dad does, I think. Yep, they're not done.

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    13. Juli

    Today, we invite girls aged 11-15 to join in our first girls training session! All experience welcome. Are you coming? 🤗 📍 Lambridge, BA1 6BD 📅 TODAY! ⏰ 11am - 2pm 🍔 Free BBQ for the girls 🍦 Treats from Lottie’s Ice Cream 🏉 Ladies training afterwards

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  20. 12. Juli

    Best full garden table we’ve had for a while too gents! Thank you ❣️

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