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Researching the history of the 100th Infantry Division can be a highly meaningful and rewarding experience. In addition to extensive primary source material available in the National Archives system, authors have created an unusually large number of books about the Division, although many of them were printed immediately after the War and so are difficult to find except at the US Army Military History Center at Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, and in private collections. There are also a number of unpublished or privately published manuscripts about various aspects of the Division's wartime activities, most of which are only currently available from the authors themselves.

Finally, to truly gain an in-depth understanding of the 100th's actions, there is no substitute for battlefield research in France and Germany. Fortunately for researchers, much of the Vosges and eastern Lorraine is still relatively untouched by the ravages of the more than half-century since the War, and a lot can be gained from personal visits to the battlefields.

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