Pass in Review!

A dynamic selection of authentic photos depicting 100th Infantry Division soldiers and supporting units, 1942 - 1946. This section will be updated and expanded as 100th Infantry Division veterans and their relatives contribute new photos of general interest to the viewing audience.

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Predeployment training and deployment to France.

The USAT (US Army Transport) George Washington, the vessel that carried most of the 100th Infantry Division to the European Theater of Operations.

December 1943: US Army camouflage fatigues, Tennessee Maneuvers.

October 1944: Prayer Before Battle





Attack on the German Winter Line, November 1944.

16 November 1944. 105mm howitzers firing in support of the infantry.

Mid-November, 1944: 397th Infantry advances through the High Vosges.

Late November 1944: Soldiers of 2d Battalion/398th Infantry Regiment pass through the chow line in the field.

Late November 1944: Medics conducting post-battle recovery operations.





Pursuit through the Low Vosges (early December 1944)

December 1944: A machinegun crew from the 398th Infantry Regimentfires from a position atop a ridge near Lambach, France





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Attack on the Bitche Defenses (mid - late December 1944)



Late December 1944: In the Midst of Mayhem, Music. Holbach, France.



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Holding the line against NORDWIND, January 1945.

Early January, 1945. Technical Sergeant Charles F. Carey, awarded the Medal of Honor for his leadership and personal valor in the defense of Rimling.

Care and Maintenance of The M1 Foot.

January 1945: Soldiers of the 398th Infantry with German prisoners.







Advancing through Germany/the Battle of Heilbronn, Spring, 1945

16 March 1945: 398th Regimental Combat Team advances through Bitche.

Mid-March 1945: The Commanding Officer of 2/398th takes a brief break after the capture of Bitche.

Mid-March 1945: Sherman tank of the 781st Tank Battalion barrels through the Westwall.

24 March 1945: Infantrymen of I/399th Infantry Regiment aboard an M4A4 Sherman near Ludwigshafen, Germany.

25 March 1945: An infantry squad advances through Ludwigshafen, Germany.

The Rhine Bridge connecting Mannheim and Ludwigshafen . . . before and after.

1 April 1945: M18 Hellcat of the 824th Tank Destroyer Battalion firing its 76mm main gun in Wiesloch, Germany.

2 April 1945: Infantrymen of F/399th Infantry Regiment meet French troops on the road near Hockenheim, Germany.

5 April 1945: Soldiers of Company E, 398th Infantry Regiment await their turn to cross the Jagst River near Jagstfeld.

Early April 1945: Combat engineers of the 31st Engineer Combat Battalion emplace a bridge over the Neckar River during the assault on Heilbronn.

11 April 1945: Centurymen attack through the rubble of Heilbronn, Germany.

Mid-April 1945: Reading about the death of the Commander-in-Chief in the "Stars and Stripes."

14 April 1945: Soldiers of F/398th recover and regroup after the assault crossing of the Neckar River.

18 April 1945: Infantrymen of C/397th Infantry Regiment road march near Ober Fischbach, Germany.

Late April 1945: Soldiers of Combat Team 398 escort German prisoners.

April 1945: Young German in uniform.

Spring, 1945: Motorized and armored column of CT 398 in pursuit of the enemy.

May, 1945: Knocked out German Assault Gun.




Occupation, 8 May 1945 - January 1946.

29 July 1945: Artillerymen of the 925th Field Artillery Battalion march through Sindelfingen, Germany.

September 1945: 397th Infantry Regiment 1600-meter relay team with Major General Burress.

29 September 1945: "Before and after" renderings of the Stiftskirche in Stuttgart, Germany.

5 October 1945: The 397th Infantry Regiment passes in review in at Robinson Barracks near Stuttgart, Germany.

12 October 1945 Lieutenant (Later Lieutenant Colonel) Edward Silk, 398th Infantry, receives the Medal of Honor.

December, 1945: Sergeant Mike Colalillo, C/398th Infantry Regiment, receives the Medal of Honor from President Truman.