100th Infantry Division Association News:

Click here for information regarding the Department of the Army's policy of awarding Bronze Star Medals to honorably-discharged veterans who were awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge or the Combat Medical Badge during WWII.

Operation LEGACY Seeks Photos and Memoirs for Inclusion in the 100th's Archive at the Marshall Library

As part of the Learning Legacy—the comprehensive collection of 100th Infantry Division documents at the General George C. Marshall Library at the Virginia Military Institute—the Association Archive Committee is soliciting photos and documents.

To augment the voluminous operational and intelligence records which will be included in the collection, the Association is also accepting copies of memoirs written by Centurymen and wartime photos of training and combat. Such material will greatly enhance researchers' comprehension of the "heart and soul" of the 100th Infantry Division, and will be stored and indexed along with the Division's official primary source records and secondary source histories in the Marshall Library.

Please send copies only, as nothing that is contributed can be returned.

Contributors are requested to submit material to Patti Bonn, PO Box 629, Bedford, PA 15522.

Anyone knowing the specific company assignments of any personnel listed in the Honor Roll only by battalion should inform using the Aegis Consulting link below.

Please respond to:Aegis Consulting