Meet the next generation of ridesharing.

The driver subscription plan. Drivers keep 100% with no commissions.

A new level of security for passengers and drivers.

Why go with RydenGo?

RydenGo is setting the standards for the future today. With better options for pricing and security, passengers and drivers, have peace of mind knowing that RydenGo wants the best experience for everyone. By handing the business back to the drivers, with tools that empower the rideshare entrepreneur, both drivers and passengers will benefit.

Driver Subscription

The driver subscription plan. One of the first in the rideshare industry that truly benefits the drivers.

100% for drivers

Drivers Keep 100% of their earnings, including tips. Drivers can also be paid, and tipped by either electronic or cash by passengers.

Drivers set their price

Drivers set their own daily mileage, time rates and base fare, while customers receive the best price options in town, with no hidden surge charges. It's your business, so why can't you set your prices too?

RydenGo Safety Code

For added peace of mind, a four-digit secure code is shared between a driver, and a passenger for verification at pickup.

Introducing the better approach to ridesharing.

Make more money from your rides.

The next generation of ridesharing starts for approximately 66¢ per day, with the introductory driver subscription plan. Now you can earn more. RydenGo gets you approximately 20% more money than the leading rideshare companies.

Make a better income using RydenGo.

Drivers do the hard work, why shouldn't they benefit more?

A San Francisco Uber® driver's average monthly net income is $3,166*, which Uber® takes a 20% cut or more. That's an average of $633 dollars a month going directly to Uber's® pockets. Leaving the driver with only $2,533 of their monthly earnings. The average income loss to drivers adds up to approximately $7,596 a year, that goes straight into Uber®, and not to the driver. RydenGo's introductory subscription plan only costs $20 dollars per month, or approximately 66¢ per day for a driver subscription. This allows a driver to make approximately $7,356 or more a year using RydenGo over Uber®. Drivers using Rydengo, can always earn more money, no matter how much they drive. That's the RydenGo way!

*Based on published Uber® figures on drivers in San Francisco making $732/week in net earnings.

Join the driver beta team.

A free monthly driver subscription will be offered to qualified drivers for a limited time who join the upcoming beta program in selected locations. Update 4/20/2017: Due to an overwhelming response of signups for the upcoming RydenGo beta program and requests for other cities and locations to be added within the USA and abroad that were not originally included in the initial beta form, we’ve decided to add the requested option to select other locations that RydenGo would love to serve in the future. We’re extremely pleased to see the response from drivers and passengers everywhere who desire change in the rideshare industry. RydenGo wants to move the industry in a new and positive direction that will benefit everyone, everywhere. Sign up today, to be a beta driver with RydenGo.


It's your business, how you do business. We give you the tools, not rules.

Why you’ll love RydenGo.

Drivers can set daily mileage, time rates and base fare for their rideshare business at any time, and it’s quick and easy. Drivers with the ability to adjust their rates, can compensate for daily business expenses, such as rising gas prices, or peak drive times.

Drivers decide what’s best for their business, not somebody else.

Passengers make the choice.

When a passenger makes a ride request, multiple drivers in their area can respond to that request with competitive pricing for that ride. By allowing multiple drivers to respond with their own pricing rates, gives customers more prices to choose from. Customers can now shop for the best deals that fit their budget for a ride, and save money at the same time.

We don't control drivers and passengers, we free them.

Going forward with RydenGo.

RydenGo empowers a new generation of rideshare entrepreneurs, with tools that provide greater access to financial prosperity. We're taking a whole new approach to ridesharing. We believe in a future, where entrepreneurs are as diverse as our world, and are empowered for success.

Go Drive

Zero price fixing with RydenGo. Drivers decide their daily business rates. The way a business should be. Make more, live more.

Go Ryde

Customers pick the price that works best for them. Select from drivers in your area, with the best competitive rates. Buy, and get on the Go!

Go Play

Connecting you with the transportation of your dreams. In Playground you can locate every type of transportation listed by private collectors to businesses, for events, parties or whatever you desire.

Go Social

Create a profile, and interact with other RydenGo users. Share ideas and experiences, with people from around the world.

Join the rideshare company that's different.

The rewards and respect you deserve.

Taking a new direction in life towards financial independence, shouldn't be difficult. When you're ready to take charge, and be your own boss, just meet the minimum requirements, and complete the necessary background checks, as well the vehicle inspection approval process. After everything is finished, you'll be on the way to your entrepreneurship, and the road to prosperity.

Currently driving with another rideshare company?

Your years of experience, and professionalism, are valuable to the rideshare industry, and you should be rewarded for that by a company that recognizes your talent. As a current driver at one of the approved transportation networks, you won't have to go through the same approval process as a new driver. Show proof of the companies you're currently driving with, and after the approval process is complete. Welcome onboard, and get on the go with RydenGo.


The RydenGo Safety Code. Simply better.

Safety is paramount at RydenGo. Both passengers and drivers, should feel safe and secure that all parties at pickup, are who they say they are.

Most safety features are based on a passenger knowing the make of a driver’s car, and the displayed driver photo. That's not good enough for Rydengo, and why we strive every day in developing better ways to ensure the safety of passengers and drivers. After a late-night event, or in the middle of a storm, expecting a passenger to verify a driver’s face from a thumbnail picture, or distinguish the difference between dark colored vehicles, including a vehicle’s make or model, isn't something most passengers can easily do under many conditions. The same situation for a driver arriving to a pickup location at a crowded event with many people. A driver wants to make sure the passenger entering their car is the person they’re meant to pickup. That's where the RydenGo Safety Code makes a difference, for both passengers and drivers.

The difference that brings you added peace of mind.

We developed a system that uses a four-digit secure code, that's sent from the driver to the passenger, after an agreement for pickup has been completed. When the driver arrives at the pickup location, the passenger can either see the displayed code in the window, or they can request the verification code from the driver for a match. When everything checks out, get on the go with extra peace of mind.

Safe, Simple, and Effective.

Screening for safe rides, for all.

Everyone should enjoy the experience.

We never rest for a moment, developing new processes for safety and security for both passengers and drivers. Drivers using RydenGo technology, not only go through industry standard background checks, they'll also do either an in-person screening, or phone interview with a RydenGo representative, before they'll ever be approved to use the RydenGo network. Only then, will we finalize the approval process.

In so many ways, it's better.

Security is always an ongoing process, as the safety for everyone is important to us. We monitor all passenger feedback sent to us on drivers, along with their rating scores by passengers. If necessary, we'll also conduct updated random background checks on drivers at any time, based on collected information by our internal security monitoring system. We do this not only for the safety of passengers, but also for drivers too, and the communities where drivers and passengers are using the RydenGo network.


Driving with the stars.

Your opinion always matters.

Passengers and drivers can rate each other after a ride, so everyone is always involved in the experience. The rating of passengers and drivers, helps provide valuable information on everyone's experiences within the RydenGo network. Keeping a healthy rating is important for either passengers or drivers. Ratings are used along with other information, to determine whether there might be an issue that needs attention as well.

Moving forward together.

Ridesharing that benefits you.

By keeping our hands out of the pockets of drivers and passengers, drivers will make more, lower the drive rates, and in return, happy customers.

Focus on what matters, living freely.

Your business hours are always up to you, day or night, 24/7, 365. Your rideshare business shouldn't make your life more difficult. Since you keep 100%, including your tips, you make the right choices that benefit you. The decision on how you're paid by customers is between you and your customers, and not dictated by RydenGo. Passengers can pay you in any form, either by electronic or cash. The rewards of your hard work should be yours, and no other way.

Leave complicated behind, forever!

Life doesn't need to be complicated, why should your rideshare business? Setting your daily mileage, time rates and base charge, gives you the driver, the power to set the value for your hard work. Since you're in charge, you can offer customers the best competitive prices in town, without complications. Deciding your rates gives you the power and control, over the success in your business, and life.

Become a RydenGo Beta Tester.

Lets change the world together.