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Kiribati (
map) was the fifth country/territory I visited on my Pacific Islands trip. My visit was from the 12th of September 2000 to the 14th of December 2000. I always stayed with I-Kiribati families at home in both towns and villages. I was not really interested in any tourist activities, but I always tried to adapt to the local lifestyles as much as possible. During my visit to Kiribati I visited the islands of Tarawa, Beru, Nikunau (stopover) and Abaiang. (read more...)
Following you can find a selection of  the pictures I made during my visit to Kiribati. Click any picture to view it in its full format.
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Visit to Taborio (North Tarawa) with Teem (with who I stayed in Betio) and our neighbours, the Teieka family
Nuka Lagoon as seen from Tabukeniberu (Beru Atoll) Teem (with who I went to Beru) near the island's southern point
Hot and dry interiour of Beru Atoll which we explored by bicycle
Deserted white sandy beach on Beru's north coast
Boathouse on Beru's north coast
Traditional I-Kiribati houses on the Tabiang Lagoon  (Beru Atoll)
A small maneaba near the warf (Beru Atoll) The causeway over the Tabiang Lagoon (Beru Atoll)
Catholic church and maneaba on Nikunau Island, where we stopped on the return to Tarawa
KPC Church on Nikunau Island
Teem and Manana at the house I stayed at HBHS in Rongorongo (Beru Atoll)
Sunset on open sea during the boattrip from Beru to Tarawa Me, Tabuaka, Adrianne and Tawita at the Curriculum Unit (CDRC) in Bikenibeu (Tarawa Atoll)
Working stress at the Curriculum Unit (CDRC) in Bikenibeu (Tarawa)
Rupenang, the big boss at the Curriculum Unit (CDRC) in Bikenibeu
Tabuaka and me preparing some food at his home in Bairiki for a first birthday party (Tarawa Atoll) Some friends from around Bairiki (Tarawa Atoll)
Beach (also toilet) in front of Takarano Village (Abaiang Atoll) Te wa (sailing canoes) near Takarano Village (Abaiang Atoll)
Beach (watch out for the mines!) near Takarano Village (Abaiang Atoll)
Me, Mrs. Teieka, Maria, Rose, Henry and Raatera at home in Betio (Tarawa Atoll)
Teem and neighbours (Mrs. Teieka, Henry, Maria, Rose and Raatera) next to the house I stayed in Betio (Tarawa Atoll)
Tabuaka's grandma who can talk to demons at home in Bairiki (Tarawa)
Me and some of Tabuaka's family at home in Bairiki (Tarawa Atoll) Teokata, me, Raatera, Maria, Henry and Rose just before my departure to Fiji from Bonriki Airport (Tarawa)
Friends (Manana's family) at their home in Betio (Tarawa Atoll)
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