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An engraving of Samoan girls making kava, 1887.

This Web site is dedicated to the women of Oceania. During times of plenty it is the women who do so much of the work and during the lean times it is the women who have to make the sacrifices for the sake of their families. Through all this they have the strength given to them by their cultural heritage that allows them to cope regardless of the difficulties of their circumstances.


Early images of Maori women, New Zealand.

An early postcard from Tahiti.

Solomon Island girl softening
 pandanus leaf for mat weaving.

Beautiful Samoan lady, 1927.


Early images of ladies from Samoa.

Kiribati dancer in traditional costume.

Samoan girl outside her house (fale).

Woman from the Trobriand Islands.

 Postcard of a Tahitian woman, 1965.

A beauty from Hawaii.

Some beautiful Hawaiian Women.

Maori women cooking in a hot spring.

Tuvaluan dancers in traditional costumes.

An early postcard of Aggie Grey and Aggie's Hotel.

Papua New Guinea lady in traditional costume.

A Trobriand Island family on the road. The woman is carrying large yams in a basket, and
the child in a characteristic position on her hip; the man has an adze on his shoulder

Two young ladies from Samoa who
obviously will not stand for any nonsense.

Adi Cakabau, Queen of Fiji.

The above three postcards feature some of the beautiful ladies from Tahiti.

Oceania Postcards and Picture Galleries

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