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The images of Oceania are both diverse and fascinating.

The photos on this Web site provide an indication of the diversity of the people,

their unique culture as well as the history and geography of the countries of Oceania.


In addition to the photo images of Oceania, this Web site also contains Links to

extensive postcards and picture galleries of almost all the islands and countries of Oceania.


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Oceania 2000

Oceania Portraits

      Oceania Voyage, 1931 

Oceania Portraits:

The Robert Louis Stevenson Collection

Oceania Historical Images

Oceania Picture Gallery

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Women of the Pacific Islands I

Women of Oceania

Hawaii Picture Gallery

Images of Kaua'i, Hawaii

         Norfolk Island Postcards 

        Pitcairn Island Postcards   

        Captain Cook's Voyages 

             The Story of Pearl Harbour        

            The Sinking of the Tahiti      

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Oceania countries followed

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Samoan dancers

Ladies from Kaua'i, Hawaii

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Some of the finalists for the title of Miss Tahiti 2003

Photo: Courtesy of photographer C. Durocher, Tahitipresse (



American Samoa postcard


        Hawaii Postcards 

Tahiti Postcards

Samoa Postcards

Fiji Postcards

Tonga Picture Galleries

Solomon Islands Postcards

Kiribati Picture Galleries and Postcards

         Nauru Picture Gallery and Postcards 

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Polynesia Picture Galleries

Micronesia Picture Galleries

Mysterious Micronesia

Aspects of Micronesia

New Zealand Postcards

Cook Islands Postcards

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Vanuatu Postcards and Picture Galleries

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Papua New Guinea Tribal Art

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Marshall Islands Picture Gallery 2

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 Norfolk Island Postcards 

Wallis and Futuna Historical Postcards



Tahiti waterfall



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