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The Postcards from Samoa featured on this Web site reflect the diversity and beauty of  this most fascinating Polynesian island nation.

samoa_copra_boat.jpg (30778 bytes)

Copra boat, Samoa.

samoa_bike.jpg (25781 bytes)
Girl and bike, Samoa.
samoa_gavaii_island_church.jpg (28382 bytes)

Church, Samoa.

Samoa_german_postcard.jpg (14101 bytes)

Early German postcard.

samoa_harvesting_copra.jpg (39009 bytes)

Harvesting copra, Samoa.

samoa_bride.jpg (33135 bytes)

Samoan wedding ceremony.

samoa_pago_house.jpg (22798 bytes)

Fale, Samoa.

somoa_postcard_hula.jpg (19002 bytes)

First Day Cover, Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Samoan girl.

samoa_waterfall_1907.jpg (19117 bytes)

Waterfall, Samoa, 1907.

Samoan siva dance.

Samoan postcard, 1903.

samoa_plate.jpg (15322 bytes)

American Samoa number plate.

samoa-1903_waterfall.jpg (38259 bytes)

German postcard, 1903.

samoa_postcard1.jpg (20827 bytes)

First Day Cover, Pago Pago, American Samoa.

samoa_postcard.jpg (26251 bytes)

Early Samoa postcard.

Samoan lady dancers.

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