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A Memorial Service was held on Vaitupu Island, Tuvalu, on 9th March 2001, in memory of the eighteen School Girls and their Matron who tragically lost their lives in the fire at their dormitory on Vaitupu. Mr. Clive Smith who attended the service as the U.K. Representative has kindly made available the following photographs of this special occasion.

Aerial view from the plane landing at Funafuti.
(The centre of the atoll was dug out during the war
by the U.S. in order to obtain coral for the airstrip).

The M.V. Nivaga II
at Funafuti prior to leaving for Vaitupu.

Barbecue for the visitors
to the Memorial Service, Vaitupu.

Arriving by boat at Vaitupu Island for the Memorial Service.

The Memorial Service for eighteen School Girls and Matron. 

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