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Solomon Islands - Red Beach, Guadalcanal


Red Beach, Guadalcanal


The recent landing of the Australian peacekeeping force on Red Beach, Guadalcanal, July, 2003, drew a strong parallel with another landing by the United States forces on Red Beach during World War II.


Red Beach, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Official United States army photographs highlight the
United States presence on and around Red Beach during World War II

Relics of World War II, Red Beach plains, 1975


Some reminders of World War II - Red Beach, Guadalcanal

The arrival of Australian soldiers to the Solomon Islands has paved the way
for a brighter future for the younger generation of Solomon Island children (insert)

Australian peacekeeping soldiers and heavy
equipment arriving on Red Beach, Guadalcanal, 24th July 2003

Australian troops from the second batallion in Townsville are dropped
off by a landing craft from HMAS Manoora on Red Beach, Solomon Islands

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