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Solomon Islands (
map) was the sixt country/territory I visited on my Pacific Islands trip. My visit was from the 4th to the 24th of February 2001. Apart from two days in the United Church Resthouse in Honiara, I always stayed with I-Kiribati (who also live in the Solomons) families at home in both the town and the village. I was not really interested in any tourist activities, but I always tried to adapt to the local lifestyles as much as possible. During my visit to the Solomon Islands I visited the islands of Guadalcanal, Ghizo and Babanga. (read more...)
Following you can find a selection of  the pictures I made during my visit to the Solomons. Click any picture to view it in its full format.
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Iron Bottom Sound as seen from Honiara (Guadalcanal)
Honiara Town on Guadalcanal with in the distance Savo Island A Solomon Islander  married to an I-Kiribati (Gilbertese) in Titiana Village (Ghizo)
I-Kiribati boys in Titiana Village (Ghizo)
Kennedy Island (near Gizo)
in the distance Kolombangara
Beach on Babanga Island off Gizo
Me on a sceduled beach on Babanga Island (near Gizo)
I-Kiribati house on Babanga Island (near Gizo) Me and part of the I-Kribati family I stayed with in Titiana (Ghizo)
Kids from the I-Kiribati family I stayed with in Lengakiki in Honiara
I-Kiribati kids in Titiana (Ghizo)
Cheeky girl in Titiana
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