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Albright Photo     Madeleine K. Albright
Top of the News Secretary Albright: "...With less than a week to go for this Administration...we are still engaged in diplomacy to encourage peace in the Middle East. We are consulting with many of our allies and partners represented here to consolidate the astonishing gains we have made in the Balkans. We are working to prevent the spread of advanced weapons so that this century is less bloody than the last one, and we are pursuing a process to try to maintain stability in the Korean Peninsula and reduce the threat of ballistic missiles.
      We are cooperating with neighbors in our own hemisphere to promote economic growth and foster free institutions and prevent the spread of drugs and transnational crime. We are helping leaders in Africa to consolidate the recent peace signed between Ethiopia and Eritrea, and halt the spread of HIV-AIDS.
      While these efforts are diverse and may seem disconnected, we have in fact...witnessed in the past eight years the intimate connection between democracy and prosperity and security. And our strategy has always been to encourage nations to come together around basic principles of political freedom, open markets and the rule of law. "
January 13, 2001

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