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Romania is a country situated in the south east of Europe, next to the Black Sea, bordered by Hungary on the west, Serbia on the south west, Bulgaria on the south , Moldova on the East and UKraine on the north.

Romania occupies an area of aprox.
237,500 sq km and has a population of 22,364,022 (2001 estimate) with another aprox. 9,000,000 Romanians living abroad.

Some of the main cities in Romania are: Bucharest - the capital, Brasov, Constanta, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi and Galati.

Romania Forum

Share your thoughts and experiences in our Romania Forum. We intend to develope a vibrant online comunity providing lots of tips resources and information on life, travel, tourism, politics and more.

Romania forum

Romania news
Romanian newspapers and press agencies.

Romanian politics

Deepan upsets Russian
Quezada Perez and Vlad-Cristian Vianu of Romania . GMs Alekseev and Gareyev Timur of Uzbekistan along with Canadian Fide Master Zhe Quan, conqueror of Filipino GM-elect Mark Paragua

Jones calls for refs to play catch-up
referees can sometimes find themselves handling Romania v Italy on the same weekend as England v the All Blacks is controlled by a relatively inexperienced official. "I think the

Open house donations to benefit orphanage
will go to an orphanage in Romania . Shelton, a retired nurse, said this is her fourth year hosting the event. She has received as much as $1,400 in donations, and has given the




Travel to Romania

Romania is a very beautiful and interesting country with a gorgeous landscape and extremely welcoming people. Romania's main touristic attractions are: the Carpathian Mountains, Dracula Castel, the Danube Delta, the painted monastries in Moldavia and the Black Sea.



Romanian Sport

Romania is the country of Nadia Comaneci, Ilie Nastase, Gabriela Szabo, Adrian Mutu, Cristian Chivu,etc.

Other popular sports are: football, handball, athletics, etc.

Romanian sport


Romanian folk Music

The music of Romania is very different from region to region and the performers are extremely virtuosic. Find out more on the following page:

Romanian folk music

Romania Pictures

Check our growing collection of beatiful pictures of Romania. Feel free to contribute!

Romania pictures




Coming Soon

This website intends to offer an easy guide to Romania and the Romanians. Many more sections will be added with the time. - Romania  


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