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Reference and Regulations
Telephone Directory - (includes the Key Officer's List)
Regulations - (includes FAM/FAH)
Final Opinions
Foreign Service Grievance Board (2000 Report - PDF)
Foreign Service Grievance Board (2001 Report - PDF)

Administrative Rulings
Hughes/Boeing (2mb - PDF)
Charging Letter dated 12/26/02 to Hughes Electronics Corp. and The Boeing Company concerning Satellite-related matters involving the People's Republic of China.
Secretary Powell's Remarks at State/NARA Ceremony (04/13/2004)
Department of State, Major Information Systems (07/10/01)(PDF)
Executive Order 12958
Amendment to Executive Order 12958, E.O. 13142- November 19, 1999
Second Amendment to Executive Order 12958, E.O. 13292- March 25, 2003
Text of the 2002 FOIA
Text of the Privacy Act
Executive Order 12600 (PDF Document)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-1998 (PDF Document)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-1999 (PDF Document)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-2000 (PDF Document)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-2001 (HTML Format)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-2002 (HTML Format)
DOS Annual FOIA Report-2003 (HTML Format)
DOS Privacy Impact Assessments
22 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) 171
Records Transferred to the National Archives (PDF Document)
Records Disposition Schedules
Records Available at NARA
Privacy Act Issuances
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