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Guam Impressions 1900


When the American people embarked in the possession of acquiring possessions by force of arms, in 1898, one of the most picturesque of the islands thus secured was Guam, called by Spain, its former proprietor, Guajan.

Map of Guam,1900.

Guam is about 30 miles in length and 12 miles in width. Topographically, it is the southernmost of the Marianas, or Ladrones, a chain of 15 small islands discovered by Magellan in 1551. These have been in Spain's possession from that time until 20th June, 1898, when the American cruiser Charleston, under Captain Glass, steamed into the port of San Luis d'Apra, and with a shot at the obsolete old fort, placed an end to the three centuries of Castillian rule. This was to the utter amazement of the small Spanish garrison, who had been ignorant of the doings of the outer world for many months, and did not know that war existed between the United States and Spain. It was also reported that there was a great deal of joy in the local population at the news of a change of rulers. 

A typical community in Guam in 1900, shows the old Spanish church in the background, and the native huts in the village of Piti, near the landing place of San Luis d'Apra.

 Early image of a carabao cart, Guam.

The American garrison at Guam, 1900.

The American forces consisted of two companies from the United States ship Yosmite, who alternate as guards in Agana and San Luis d'Apra. One company is shown in each engraving above.

Sunset in Guam.

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