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Various Solomon Islands scenes.

Traditional dance, Solomon Islands.

Lady dancers, Solomon Islands.

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       Solomon Islands dancers.

Early images of Solomon Islanders c. 1910.

A pretty Solomon Islands girl.

Social gathering, Solomon Islands c. 1910.

A Solomon Islander in traditional costume.

German sailors meet Solomon Islanders c. 1910.

King Solomon Hotel, Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Entrance to the Kitano Mendana Hotel, Honiara.

Young happy children, Solomon Islands.


Diving in the Solomon Islands.

Battle of Grassy Knoll, WW2.

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Group of Islanders on Board the
Southern Cross at Saint Isabel.

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Malaita lagoon.

Happy young faces, Solomon Islands.

Battle of Grassy Knoll, WW2.

A1 O Garopul Mota, Melanesia, 1865.

Western Province scene.

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Alvaro de Mendana -
Discoverer of Solomon Islands.

Battle of Grassy Knoll, WW2.

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Happy mother and Child.

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Beach scene

The beauty of the Solomon Islands sunset.

Solomon Islands Postcards and Picture Galleries

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