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Postcards from Tahiti

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Tahiti has always been known as a land of beauty before the famous French impressionist painter Paul Gauguin painted the Tahitian maidens. Officially known as French Polynesia, the beauty that attracted Gauguin is still evident today. I hope that you enjoy the postcards from Tahiti.

A vintage print of Tahiti.

Tahiti girls    Tahiti girl

Early images of beautiful Tahiti ladies.

Painting of Tahitian ladies by Paul Gauguin.

Siesta Tahiti by Paul Gauguin.

Early Tahiti dancers, Papeete.

A rare QSL card from Ra'ivavae, 1949.

Quinn's Bar.

New Zealand troop ship S.S. Tahiti.

S.S. Tahiti Christmas Card.

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Beautiful Tahiti lady.

Early image of Papeete Post Office, Tahiti.

Tahiti woodblock print.

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