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The history of Oceania comprises many detailed and fascinating events that occurred over many thousands of years. It is worth mentioning among these the Peruvian slave raids of 1862 and 1863 which struck the islands of Polynesia with devastating impact. Some of these events are recorded in the historic images below.

The image below is of the last surviving slave photographed in 1921.  

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The last surviving slave Hehe a Afora
of Fakaofo, Tokelau Islands, 1921

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Fakaofo village, Tokelau Islands

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Entertaining Captain Cook upon his arrival in Tahiti

funafuti.jpg (45540 bytes)

Women and children of Funafuti, Tuvalu, c. 1860

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Unnamed chief, Samoa

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A street scene in Gaile, Papua New Guinea c. 1925

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Leaving from Gaile to Port Moresby by Canoe c. 1925

gaile2.jpg (28059 bytes)

Gaile residents, Papua New Guinea,
returning from Sunday church c. 1925

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I-Kiribati dancers, photographed by Robert Louis Stevenson c. 1889

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The Harem of King Binoka of Abemama, Kiribati, taken by Robert Louis Stevenson c. 1889

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Kiribati women wearing Mother Hubbards.
                                 The Mother Hubbards were introduced by the missionaries associated with Rev. Hiram Bingham Jnr.
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The above four images were taken on Christmas (Kiritimati) Island, Line Islands, Kiribati

samoa beach.jpg (52849 bytes)

Early image of Samoan coastline

samoa island.jpg (41553 bytes)

Early image of Samoa Island

Apia road.jpg (57604 bytes)

Early Samoan street scenery

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Fanny Stevenson, photographed
with her maid and the traditional kava bowl, Samoa

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Trobriand Islanders c. 1925

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Honolulu about 1850

niuean.jpg (28141 bytes)

A Niuean in 1862

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The Harem of King Binoka en route on the Janet Nicholl passing from Aranuka to Abemama, Kiribati.
In the foreground is Tem Binoka's nephew (son) who later became King of Abemama, Kuria and Aranuka.
Photograph was taken by Robert Louis Stevenson c. 1889

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