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Welcome to Palau! Welcome to Palau!
Palau is one of the most extraordinary diving spots on this planet. Far to the southwest of Micronesia the Republic of Belau (the traditional name) consists of an archipelago of 343 islands, spread north to south over 100 miles form the atoll of Kayangel to the island of Angaur plus five tiny islands, known as the southwest islands.

Palau's profuse, unspoiled reefs offer a wealth of marine life, coral formations and wrecks. Dives begin in knee deep water and plunge straight down to depths of 1000 feet and more.
Blue holes, huge caverns and an immense variety of rare and exotic marine species are easily accessible in clear water with visibility exceeding 200 feet. Vast numbers, not found anywhere else in the world, of large pelagic predators, sharks, turtles, dolphins and many species of migratory fish gather here at a unique crossroads of three of the world's major ocean currents. Land locked marine lakes, accessible from the sea through tunnels beneath the island's steep shorelines, are home to rare jelly fish, anemones and soft corals.

Welcome to Palau!

Palau's famed "Rock Islands" are a collection of rounded, foliage-covered isles which seem to float above the surface of the water. A boat trip through them will reveal a number of magnificent white sand beach hideaways perfect for a secluded picnic or adventurous overnight stay. Below the water's surface, divers and snorkelers are treated to a diverse technicolor paradise of fabulous drop-offs, blue holes , breathtaking reefs, crystal caves and World War II wrecks.

Diving & Snorkeling

Palau offers an enormous number of diversified diving experiences not duplicated anywhere else in the world. There are over 100 different dive sites in and around the 90 mile coral lagoon and adjacent islands.
Palau was named the Number One Underwater Wonder of the World by CEDAM -- a group of marine scientists and conservationists.
Over 1300 types of fish inhabit the region, including manta rays, barracuda, sharks and giant clams.
The world famous Rock Islands are a divers "must" with magnificent wall diving at such legendary sites as Blue Corner, Ngmelis Drop-off, Blue Hole and Peleliu Corner.
Because of the clarity of the waters, snorkeling is excellent in or near almost all of the famous dive sites of Palau.

Welcome to Palau!

Other Activities

There are a number of sightseeing tours available to visitors, including:

Carp Island Resort

Carp Island Resort, located on Ngercheu Island, sanctuary to frigate birds, white egrets and a variety of additional bird life, near the fabulous Ngemelis Dropoff, offers panoramic views of the Rock Islands. White sand beaches, littered with seashells, lure sunbathers. Daily transfers, a one hour boat ride from the city of Koror, depart the island at 8:00am and return at 4:00pm.

Comfortable accomodation ranges from individual bungalows, duplex seaside cottages and the divehouse, dormitory style for the budget conscious traveler or diver. The island restaurant offers a variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seafood specials must be requested 24 hours in advance.

Coral reefs teeming with brilliant marine life furnish world class diving for every level of certification, and snorkelers, alike. Certification courses are available at the dive center. Sports fishing excursions, bottom, casting and trawling, are available.

West Plaza Hotel

Tour West Plaza Hotel

Palau Pacific Resort

Tour Palau Pacific Resort

Tour Sunrise Villa Resort

Tour Carolines Resort

Sam's Dive Tours

Discover Palau with Sam's Dive Tours! Whether you are a novice or experienced diver, let Sam's Dive Tours personalized service ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Sam's Dive Tours, an affiliated PADI resort, limits the number of divers per boat to eight, well below the limits of other tour operators. This allows you the chance to see less bubbles and fins, and more coral and fish.

Along with trips to award-winning sites like Blue Corner, Blue Holes and Big Drop Off, discover exciting sites such as Devilfish City, Ulong Channel, Peleliu, and a wide variety of spectacular wreck dives. Sam's original Land Tours by boat feature an array of exciting excursions to Palau's beautiful Rock Islands and lush waterfalls, historic World War II relics and monuments as well as ancient Yapese stone money and indigenous stone faces and monoliths. ECO kayak tours with our marine biologist can be arranged upon request.

Adventure Kayaking Palau

At Adventure Kayaking we get intimate with the beauty of the Rock Islands-the water, the birds, the corals, the fish, and the flora. We will investigate the intricate workings of reef ecosystems. Black noddys and white terns will swoop and dive for bait fish jumping in a silver rainbow while turtles and colorful reef fish dart beneath your kayaks bow.

Adventure Kayaking of Palau, Inc. uses sturdy Sit-On-Top hard-shell designed for snorkeling and diving. Because you sit on top of the kayak difficult maneuvers are eliminated. Five minutes is all that is needed to learn the basics of kayaking. No experience necessary!

You may choose from a selection of day or sunset tours and extended overnight packages from 2 to 10 nights in duration. Group discounts are available for all services. Please inquire for more information.

For more information about Micronesia tour packages call 888-889-8100.
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