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USAID Graphic Standards Manual

January 7, 2005

This branding Web page contains an electronic version of the Graphic Standards Manual for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Print copies of the manual will be distributed to Agency bureaus and missions in the next few weeks. This manual is compulsory for all Agency employees and contractors producing communications funded by USAID.

A separate publication, the Partner Branding Guide, will detail co-branding guidelines for communications co-funded by USAID. It will be produced after the Agency finalizes changes to its marking policy for grants and co-operative agreements. Proposed changes to this policy are posted in the Federal Register. Interested parties have until February 3, 2005 to comment.

Downloadable files for our updated logo and new brandmark, which together form the USAID Standard Graphic Identity or the USAID Identity are provided. This new Identity is approved for use now. It must be used by Agency employees and contractors in public communications or materials promoting programs, projects, or activities funded in whole by USAID.

Customized identities for countries and places that receive U.S. assistance are available (See Country Brand by Region). Templates for facts sheets, press releases, and other common communications are also provided (See Templates). Vendors who currently stock a supply of pressure sensitive and vinyl labels listed. (See Suppliers).

The Standard Graphic Identity is an official U.S. Government symbol, and any alteration, distortion, recreation, translation or misuse is strictly prohibited. A number of digital file formats are available for download for web and print purposes.

Diagram showing elements of the new USAID logo and brandmark.

Illustration of the new USAID logo and brandmark.
Do not use the above image for publication.
Please download the appropriate graphic files for web and print purposes.

Each file is optimized for a variety of applications, for either print or on-screen communications, to ensure easy adherence to these guidelines. Do not recreate the logo or brandmark under any circumstances.

A file called USAID_Graphic_Standards_Manual.pdf contains important instructions about usage of these files, and other basic color and typography information. Please read this first before using any of the USAID Identity files.

Please contact with any design-related questions, or if you have any trouble downloading these files.

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