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Theme Packs

As with most good things in life, one is simply not enough. That's why we've created Theme Packs. Each Theme Pack combines several Lonely Planet titles that are related by destination or theme to make it easier for you to plan the perfect trip. Plus, if you buy them all together in a Theme Pack, you'll save compared to buying them one by one. Browse our complete list of Theme Packs below and start saving now. (Theme Packs are only available from Lonely Planet's web site.)

Featured Pack

New Zealand + Kiwi Tracks + Tramping in New Zealand

Buy all 3 and save!
US$46.34 US$57.93 (Save US$11.59)
AUS$73.28 AUS$91.60 (Save AUS$18.32)
UK£28.78 UK£35.97 (Save UK£7.19)

Plan the perfect tramping trip to New Zealand with three great titles for one great price: New Zealand travel guide, Tramping in New Zealand, and Kiwi Tracks.

Africa travel pack:
Africa on a shoestring + Healthy Travel Africa + Travel Photography

Alaska travel pack:
Alaska + Hiking in Alaska + Travel Photography

Argentina travel pack:
Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay + Buenos Aires + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

Dive into Australia:
Australia + Diving & Snorkeling Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Inside Australia:
Outback Australia + Aboriginal Australia & the Torres Strait Islands + From Nothing to Zero: Letters from Refugees in Australia's Detention Centres

Austria travel pack:
Vienna + Austria + German phrasebook

Dive into Bali:
Bali + Diving & Snorkeling Bali & Lombok + Indonesian phrasebook

Belize travel pack:
Belize + Healthy Travel Central & South America + Latin American Spanish phrasebook
Dive into Belize:
Belize + Diving & Snorkeling Belize + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

British travel pack:
Britain + Edinburgh + London

California travel pack:
California + Yosemite National Park

Cambodia travel pack:
Cambodia + Healthy Travel Asia & India + South-East Asia phrasebook

Canada travel pack:
Canada + Montreal + Toronto

Cape Town
Cape Town Travel Pack:
Cape Town + Healthy Travel Africa + Watching Wildlife: Southern Africa

A taste of the Caribbean:
Eastern Caribbean + World Food Caribbean

Central America
Central America travel pack:
Central America on a shoestring + Travel Journal (Colour Cover) + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

Chile travel pack:
Travel Photography + Chile & Easter Island + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

Colombia travel pack:
Colombia + Healthy Travel Central & South America + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

Costa Rica
Costa Rica travel pack:
Costa Rica + Costa Rica Spanish phrasebook + Watching Wildlife Central America

Dive into Cuba:
Cuba + Diving & Snorkeling Cuba + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

East Africa
East Africa wildlife pack:
East Africa + Swahili phrasebook + Watching Wildlife: East Africa

Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands travel pack:
Ecuador & the Galápagos Islands + Healthy Travel Central & South America + Latin American Spanish phrasebook

Dive into Egypt:
Diving & Snorkeling Red Sea + Egypt + Egyptian Arabic phrasebook

England travel pack:
England + London

Baltic travel pack:
Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania + Baltic phrasebook + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)

Europe city pack:
Paris + Amsterdam + London

Dive into Fiji:
Fiji + Diving & Snorkeling Fiji + Fijian phrasebook

Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan travel pack:
Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan + Travel Journal (Colour Cover) + Russian phrasebook

Germany travel pack:
Berlin + Germany + German phrasebook

A taste of Greece:
Greece + Greek phrasebook + World Food Greece

Greek Islands
Greek Islands travel pack:
Travel Photography + Greek phrasebook + Greek Islands

Hong Kong
A taste of Hong Kong:
Hong Kong & Macau + World Food Hong Kong + Cantonese phrasebook

India travel pack:
Healthy Travel Asia & India + Hindi & Urdu phrasebook + India
A taste of India:
Hindi & Urdu phrasebook + India + World Food India

A Taste of Indonesia:
Indonesia + World Food Indonesia + Indonesian phrasebook

Inside Iran:
Iran + Farsi (Persian) phrasebook + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)

A taste of Ireland:
Dublin + Ireland + World Food Ireland
Inside Ireland:
Ireland + Best of Dublin + Jaywalking with the Irish

Italy travel pack:
Italy + Italian phrasebook + Rome
A taste of Italy:
Italy + World Food Italy + Italian phrasebook
Italy on foot:
Italy + Italian phrasebook + Walking in Italy
Italy city pack:
Florence + Italian phrasebook + Rome + Venice

Japan travel pack:
Japanese phrasebook + Tokyo + Japan
A taste of Japan:
Japan + Japanese phrasebook + World Food Japan
Inside Japan:
Japanese phrasebook + Japan + Lost Japan
Japan on foot:
Japanese phrasebook + Japan + Hiking in Japan

A taste of Malaysia & Singapore:
Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei + Best of Singapore + World Food Malaysia & Singapore

Mexico travel pack:
Mexico + Healthy Travel Central & South America + Mexican Spanish phrasebook
Dive into Mexico:
Mexico + Latin American Spanish phrasebook + Diving & Snorkeling Cozumel
A Taste of Mexico:
Mexico + World Food Mexico + Mexican Spanish phrasebook

Middle East
Middle East travel pack:
Travel Photography + Egyptian Arabic phrasebook + Middle East

Mongolia travel pack:
Mongolia + Mongolian phrasebook + Healthy Travel Asia & India

Moscow travel pack:
Moscow + Russia & Belarus + Russian phrasebook

Himalaya on foot:
Trekking in the Indian Himalaya + Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya + Tibet
Nepal on foot:
Nepal + Nepali phrasebook + Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya

New Zealand
New Zealand by bike:
New Zealand + Cycling New Zealand + Healthy Travel Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific
New Zealand on foot:
New Zealand + Kiwi Tracks + Tramping in New Zealand
New Zealand active pack:
Diving & Snorkeling New Zealand + Cycling New Zealand + Tramping in New Zealand
New Zealand Travel Pack:
New Zealand + Tramping in New Zealand + Healthy Travel Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific

North Korea
Korea travel pack:
Korea + Seoul + Korean phrasebook

A taste of Paris:
Paris + French phrasebook + World Food France

Peru on foot:
Latin American Spanish phrasebook + Peru + Trekking in the Central Andes
Peru travel pack:
Healthy Travel Central & South America + Latin American Spanish phrasebook + Peru

Philippines travel pack:
Philippines + Pilipino (Tagalog) phrasebook + Healthy Travel Asia & India
Dive into the Philippines:
Philippines + Diving & Snorkeling Philippines + Pilipino (Tagalog) phrasebook

A taste of Portugal:
Portugal + Portuguese phrasebook + World Food Portugal

A taste of Provence:
Provence & the Côte d'Azur + World Food France + French phrasebook

Rarotonga & the Cook Islands travel pack:
Travel Photography + Rarotonga & the Cook Islands + South Pacific phrasebook

Romania travel pack:
Eastern Europe phrasebook + Romania & Moldova + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)

Trans-Siberian Railway overland pack:
Mandarin phrasebook + Russian phrasebook + Trans-Siberian Railway + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)
Russia city pack:
Moscow + St Petersburg + Russian phrasebook

San Francisco
Explore the San Francisco Bay Area:
Best of San Francisco + World Food California + Road Trip: Napa & Sonoma Wine Country

Scotland travel pack:
Edinburgh + Scotland

Sicily travel pack:
Travel Photography + Sicily + Italian phrasebook

South Africa
South Africa travel pack:
Cape Town + Healthy Travel Africa + South Africa, Lesotho, & Swaziland
South Africa wildlife pack:
Travel Photography + Watching Wildlife: Southern Africa + South Africa, Lesotho, & Swaziland

South America
South America travel pack:
Latin American Spanish phrasebook + South America on a shoestring + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)

Southeast Asia
South-East Asia travel pack:
Healthy Travel Asia & India + South East Asia on a shoestring + South-East Asia phrasebook

South Pacific
South Pacific travel pack:
Healthy Travel Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific + South Pacific + South Pacific phrasebook

Southwest America
Southwest US travel pack:
Southwest + Las Vegas

Spain travel pack:
Barcelona + Spain + Spanish phrasebook
Spain on foot:
Spain + Walking in Spain + Spanish phrasebook
A taste of Spain:
Spain + Spanish phrasebook + World Food Spain
Spain city pack:
Barcelona + Spanish phrasebook + Madrid

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka travel pack:
Sri Lanka + Sinhala phrasebook + Healthy Travel Asia & India

St Petersburg
St Petersburg travel pack:
Russia & Belarus + St Petersburg + Russian phrasebook

Tanzania wildlife pack:
Tanzania + Watching Wildlife: East Africa + Swahili phrasebook

A taste of Thailand:
Thailand + Thai phrasebook + World Food Thailand
Dive into Thailand:
Bangkok + Diving & Snorkeling Thailand + Thailand's Islands & Beaches

Tibet travel pack:
Travel Photography + Tibetan phrasebook + Tibet

A taste of Turkey:
Turkey + World Food Turkey + Turkish phrasebook

A taste of Tuscany:
Tuscany & Umbria + World Food Italy + Italian phrasebook

USA on foot:
USA + Hiking in the USA
US East Coast city pack:
New York City + Boston + Washington, DC
US West Coast city pack:
Las Vegas + Los Angeles + San Francisco
Great Outdoors US travel pack:
Hiking in the Sierra Nevada + Yosemite National Park + Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

West Africa
West Africa travel pack:
West Africa + Healthy Travel Africa + Travel Journal (Colour Cover)

World Food Asia pack:
World Food Thailand + World Food Vietnam + World Food Japan + World Food Hong Kong
World Food Europe pack:
World Food Italy + World Food Spain + World Food France + World Food Greece
Unpacked pack:
Lonely Planet Unpacked + Lonely Planet Unpacked Again: More Travel Disaster Stories

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