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Special Attention for Khao Lak !

Khaolak-Lamroo National park

Khao Lak-Lamroo National Park
Is covers parts of Thai Muang, Kapong, Takua Pa, and Phang-nga Town (Muang in Thai) districts, and lies about 33 kms. south of Takua Pa Town on Route 4. The chief spot of interest .

Elephant riding & Trekking

Elephant riding & Treaking 

interested nature trails include Khao Lak-Laem Ru National Park of which the trail offers an opportunity to see various species of birds and wild animals. Another place where you can trek and ride on the elephant back is at Tone Pariwatt Wildlife Sanctuary which provides a trail trough a dense jungle dotted with beautiful waterfall and abundant with rare species of plants and wild animals.

Viewing by Boats

Viewing by Boats

There are plenty of long-tail boats available at Tha Dan Pier, Surakoon Pier or Pier around the area of the Park. If you take a half-day tour, you can visit Panyee Island, Khao Ping Gan, Khao Tapoo, Ma Ju Island, and Tham Lod. You may have a chance to visit other islands on a full-day-tour such as Panak Island, Hong Island or Khai Island. That depends on your time and convenience.

Snorkeling & diving

Snorkeling & diving 

With more than 120 islands in Phang Nga Bay together with other world most popular diving destinations like Similan Archipelago and Surin Islands, you will be overwhelmed with its spectacular flora and fauna under the sea. Each diving site has its original undersea landscape and splendid underwater scenery.

Khao Lak Tips !

Khao Lak Beach

Khao Lak Beach

Khaolak Beach is about 80 kms North of Phuket International Airport. Sandy beach, smooth with studded granite boulders, extends for many kilometers. With its tranquil and rustic atmosphere Khaolak Beach is becoming popular, especially among European visitors.

Tone Chong Fah Waterfall

Tone Chong Fah Waterfall 

Lies about 5 kilometers north from Khao Lak along the main coast highway from Phuket up to Takua Pa. The fall itself originates in Klong Bangniang, formed by the 5-tier-cliff with waters flowing through all year round. Backed up by the verdant forest, the fall provides the pleasant atmosphere for relaxation.

Nam Tok Lampi

Nam Tok Lampi

Is in Moo 6 of Tambon Thai Muang off Petch Kasem Rd. on km 32-33.  Turn left at a gravel road junction and go about 1.5 kms.  The waterfall is medium sized and divided into three levels, each about 100 meters high.  It flows year round.


Nam Tok Tone Prai

Is a large waterfall with water flowing year round. At km. 28-29 of Petch Kasem Rd. is a gravel side road. Turn left and go for 7 kms. Then continue on foot for another kilometer. The hike to the falls is most enjoyable during dry season.

Bangsak Beach

Bangsak Beach 

Hat Bangsak this Tambon Bang Muang beach is a long strip of fine white sand shaded by casuarina trees. About 20 kms north of Khaolak Beach heading to Takaupa town.

Thai Muang Beach

Thai Muang Beach 

Hat Thai Muang is a spectacular stretch of sand, 13 kms. long with clear water and an adjacent golf course. The beach is clean and swimming is excellent.  From November to February, sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach.  As a result, local inhabitants customarily go view the turtles on moonlit nights.

The Old Sala Klang

The Old Sala Klang

Sala Klang means Provincial Hall. The Hall is a one-storey-building in panya-style, the characteristic structure in southern part of Thailand, located about 3.5 kilometers away from Phang Nga town along Petchkasem Road. This official building is constructed in the reign of King Rama VII, proving its provincial status.

Thailand Tips !

Wat Pra Keaw

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo

This inner-city riverine landmark contains several buildings with highly detailed architectural features. Wat Phra Kaeo within the same compound, is a treasure house of Thai arts, and houses the Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha image in Thailand.

Wat Arun

Wat Arun

The Temple of the Dawn is inspiring at sunrise; it is even more marvelous toward dusk. The temple's architecture is symmetrical, with a square courtyard containing five Khmer-style prangs, the central prang (282 ft) surrounded by its four attendant prangs in the corners. All five are covered in mosaics of broken pieces of Chinese porcelain.

Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep

This Rose of the North is the nation's second-largest city (pop. 200,000) and has most of Bangkok's amenities (including excellent food and accommodations). But it doesn't have the quicker pace, the traffic jams and the pollution (although the big-city problems are rapidly catching up). The city is located.


Sunflower Blossom Festival

Blooming sunflower along both sides of the highways from Lopburi to Chai Badan, and from Muak Lek to Wang Muang. Visit "Pa Sak Chonlasit Dam", the world's biggest and longest saddle dam. Also experience the cowboys' outdoor lifestyle at "Chok Chai Farm" in Pak Chong.

The Candle Festival

The Candle Festival 

Is the largest religious ceremony in Ubon Ratchathani. It is celebrated yearly on Asalha Bucha Day and Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent) Day in July. The ceremony is held at Thung Si Mueang and Chaturamuk Pavillion.At night, there is entertainment to celebrate the Lent candles. The reflection of lights on the candles creates a picturesque effect during the festival.

River Kwae Bridge

River Kwae Bridge Week
Each year, late November and/or early December, the world famous bridge becomes the focal point of celebrations. Highlights include exhibitions and historical and archaeological displays; a carnival featuring sideshows roundabouts, folk entertainment, and cultural performances.

Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong and Candle Festival 

Loi Krathong is traditionally performed on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, which usually falls on some day in November. The floating of a ‘Krathong' – a banana–leaf cup – is intended to float away ill fortune as well as to express apologies to Khongkha or Ganga, the River Goddess. Some believe that the ritual is meant to worship the Buddha's footprint on the bank of the Narmada River, while others say that it is to pay respect to Phra Uppakhut, one of the Lord Buddha's great disciples.


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Spectacular Hotel Savings!

Pakarang resort  From $ 49

Pakarang Resort

The Blue Village Pakarang Resort , provides a variety of activities to make your stay enjoyable. Our activities include tennis court, four nicely decorated swimming pools, water and ground sport equipment centers, and a diving center which provides diving tours plus educational programs. We have a club for children which has equipment and toys to keep them occupied.

Palm Beach Resort  From $ 34

Palm Beach Resort

Khao Lak Palm Beach Resort  ,which is located at on of Phang Nga' s finest tranquil beach, its Grand Wooden Thai-style villas throughout the resort with a great variety of lush landscaped garden, facing the clear crystal water of the Andaman Sea.

This is the superb place that you can relaxing yourself with refreshing,  secluded paradise for you, just 50 minutes from Phuket Airport.

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Theptharo Lagoon  Resort  From $ 37

Theptharo Lagoon Beach Resort

Theptharo Lagoon Beach Resort ,Situated directly on a 500 meter sandy beach front location, Theptharo Lagoon Beach Resort & Spa welcomes you to a paradise holiday. One hour north from the Phuket International Airport, on the Thai mainland, you will reach the Khao Lak national park.

Anantara Royal Coco Palm  From $ 185

Anantara Royal Coco Palm Resort

The Anantara Royal Coco Palm is one of the most luxurious in Southern Thailand. It convinces by masterly styling and a successful symbiosis of Thai elegance with Western comforts. The tropical woods, stilted bungalows and wooden terraces, convey an almost rural Thai charm. Lovingly landscaped tropical gardens conceal the 44 Deluxe Villas and 7 Pool Villas from view.

Khao Lak Resort  From $ 32

Khao Lak Resort


Khao Lak Resort  , An outstanding feature of this "Paradise within a paradise" is its situation on gently sloping grounds that rolls right out to the beachfront, Most of bungalows are built on the edge of the resort's 400 metres length private beach, enabling our guests to conveniently stroll along the soft golden sand or go for a dip in the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

Khaolak Laguna Resort  From $ 39

Khaolak Laguna Resort

Khaolak Laguna Resort is located on the beach-front of Khaolak Beach by the Andaman Sea, away from Phuket International Airport with just one hour scenic drives from the airport to the resort. Project  finished with 111 guestrooms. And  now it's one of the best resorts in Phang-Nga, not luxury but warm and relax.

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Similana Resort  From $ 29

Similana Resort


Similana Resort, The beauty and variety of nature will enchant you at Similana Resort. . A true getaway far from noise pollution and bustle , where your relaxation and comfort are assured. Similana commands infinite views of white sand beaches, magnificent rock formations and lush vegetation.
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Andaburi Resort  From $ 24

Andaburi Resort

Andaburi Resort is a new hotel in Phang-Nga. Located in the center of the Khao Lak area. Just a hour by car from Phuket International Airport, the hotel is within ease access of some the country's stunning scenery and attractions that include James Bond Islands, Similan Island and Surin Island.

Khaolak Bhandari Resort  From $ 41

Khaolak Bhandari Resort

Khaolak Bhandari Resort , Nestled on the beautiful beach in Khaolak and just a short walk away from the beach,  the Khaolak  Bhandari invites you to indulge yourself in beautiful setting that pleases the eye and delights your senses. The classical Thai style resort blends perfectly into the lush surrounding.

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Khaolak Bay Front Resort  From $ 33

Khao Lak Bay Front Resort

Khao Lak Bay Front  Resort 
is situated in the province of Phang Nga in the South of Thailand.  Offering great leisure opportunities in a secluded area with a golden beach frontage around scenic mountain backdrop.  The Resort is only 1 hour from Phuket Airport.

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Mukdara Beach Resort  From $ 71

Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa

Mukdara Beach Villa & Spa was born by the visionary of the Khao Lak Palm Beach resort members of management who foresee the birth of the highest quality of beach resort in the center of the Khao Lak natural coast in Takuapa District of Phang-Nga Province.

Khaolak Wanaburee Resort  From $ 49
Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort Khao Lak Wanaburee is a small peaceful resort fixed in the middle of one of Thailand's most well preserved tropical rain forests, largely untouched by civilization, and is near the Khao Lak National Park. Khao Lak Wanaburee Resort is located on an area of 20,800 sq.m. only 45 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport.

Hot Spring Beach  From $ 77

Hot spring Beach Resort & Spa The Hot Spring Beach Resort & Spa, we discovered this invaluable natural source where you could enjoy the pleasure of nature sense. Get the new touch of being in the pool where you can get the benefit of the natural mineral hot spring in the very same moment.  Our outdoor pools provide hydrotherapy jets and filled with only natural geothermal mineral water piped  direct from our source that you can take pleasure off year round.

Emerald Beach Resort  From $ 56

Khao Lak Emerald Beach Resort Khao Lak Emerald Beach Resort & Spa, Khao Lak's first boutique resort with modern interior design, access to three-storey and Thai villas, retails "Traditional Thai way of comfort and convenience" boasting well-known spa and restaurant, bedrooms of warm contemporary style with harmonious Thai touch and natural feel.

Ghan Garden & Bin Resort  From $ 31

Ghan Garden and Bin Resort Ghan Garden and Bin Resort, your alternative home of nature, the finest bungalows on Andaman Sea coast, With 40 Rai of resort area provided 25 Thai style bungalows and relaxed atmosphere. Located framed by the jungle on a long soft beach of Khaolak, harmonize to the nature and split ourselves from any interruption of your holiday, is the dream of a tropical paradise come true.

Tropicana Beach Resort  From $ 40

khaolak Tropicana Beach Resort Khaolak Tropicana Beach Resort is located near by Khaolak Lamru National Park, one of the National Parks of Phang Nga Province. It's just 70 kilometres from Phuket International Airport.
The local buses are running days and nights to reach there. The resort is also offering a private transportation service from and to Phuket International Airport for you convenient.

Khaolak Orchid Beach  From $ 48

Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort Khaolak Orchid Beach Resort is an exclusive boutique resort with private beach and unique setting near the Khaolak National Park where guests can enjoy the natural beauties of the Khaolak National Park and unlimited seaside experience. With such a unique setting.

La Flora Resort  From $ 76

La Flora Resort La Flora Resort, in the natural and pristine Khao Lak, is set on an idyllic, large beachfront, just over an hour north of Phuket airport. The resort features 68 spacious rooms, suites and villas each with a private terrace, and as its name suggests, is hidden inside a large tropical garden not far Khao Lak’s national park.

Kuraburi Greenview Resort  From $ 22

Kuraburi Greenview Resort Kuraburi Greenview Resort & Andaman Beach club, welcomes you to the ultimate in nature gateways. Our warm welcome starts at the door, which is a one hundred-year-old woodcarving of the God of Happiness.

Baan Khao Lak Resort  From $ 37

Baan Khao Lak Resort Unwind at Baan Khaolak Resort. All 48 Southern Thai Style Bungalow rooms have access to the white sandy beach. Guests can go for a stroll along the beautiful beach or enjoy their favourite swimming and aquatic activities. Baan Khaolak Resort is the perfect place for relaxation under Thailand's southern sun.

Pascha Resort  From $ 49

Pascha Resort Pascha Resort has leased a plot of land right by the beach under shady casuarinas and palm trees just 100 metres away from the resort. There is a restaurant and a reclining area with deck chairs and beach umbrellas just on the sandy beach.

Paradise Resort  From $ 61

khaolak Paradise Resort Khaolak Paradise Resort ,Located approximately 90kms north of Phuket, and 1 km from the destination's centre, Khaolak Paradise Resort is at the southern end of the coastline adjacent to the National Park. Considered to be one of the quietest and most beautifully landscaped of the resorts in the area, Khaolak Paradise Resort prides itself on its friendly service and international standard facilities.

Baan Krating Resort  From $ 44

Baan Krating Resort Khao Lak Baan Krating Resort Khao Lak,  Resting on a cliff overlooking panoramic view of Khao Lak Bay, Baan Krating is located next to the Khao Lak Lum Rue National Park in Phang Nga Province, Thailand. The Resort has its own private rocky beach where a small jungle path connects our property to the National Parks’ sandy beach. Under the shade of gigantic tropical trees and endless view of Andaman Sea, it is a perfect romantic getaway.

Palm Andaman Beach  From $ 27

Palm Andaman Beach Resort

The Palm Andaman Beach Resort, is located right next to Bangning Beach, an unspoiled unpolluted environment, and is surrounded by landscaped gardens of coconut palms. The resort is located only 100 Kms. from Phuket International Airport and 29 Kms. from Takuapa town.

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Orchid Resotel Resort  From $ 34

Khaolak Orchid Resotel Resort Khaolak Orchid Resotel Resort , Offers you 32 elegant rooms in three different styles : Superior Wing, Orchid Suite and Exclusive View. Each room, decorated in Thai Teak Wood Style, comes with a private Ocean View Balcony.

Seaview Resort & Spa  From $ 37

Khao Lak Sea view Resort and Spa Khao Lak Sea view Resort and Spa has a total of 75 luxury rooms, including 3 Royal Villas and 12 Deluxe Villas with a single King-size bed and 60 superior rooms with a single King-size bed or double Queen-size beds for a family wishing to stay in one room. Large seaside swimming pool facing the Andaman Sea. 

Haadson Resort  From $ 44

Haadson Resort Haadson Resort has a total of 39 guest rooms; comprising of 10 Island Villas located on a beach front Island, 9 Lakeside Villas on the opposite side, as well as 5 Coconut Villas each with 4 guest rooms that are located on the coconut field. The 19 Island and Lakeside Villas are situated on the waters edge with direct access to the lake, while the remaining guest rooms of the Coconut Villas look onto the lake and have garden views.

Khaolak Sunset Resort  From $40

Khaolak Sunset Resort Khaolak Sunset Resort Provides the perfect setting for those seeking seclusion on a private, sandy beach surrounded by a lush tropical forest.  Ideally situated along Southeast Asia's illustrious Silk Pathway-the historical trade route linking eastern cultures to the west, Khaolak Sunset Resort offers truly modern amenities while capturing the spirit of ancient times in it's distinctive southern architecture and friendly customs.

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