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Solution Overview

Use Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution to Grow Your Customer Base & Sell More Online

More than 4,000 businesses and organizations today use Topica’s Online Marketing and Sales Solution to turn Web site visitors into loyal customers and increase online sales. By combining a Web-based application with custom services, this comprehensive and easy-to-use solution enables businesses to:

Phase 1: Find New Prospects

Your existing marketing initiatives drive potential customers to your Web site. Topica’s solution captures actionable information about them while they’re there. You can also accelerate your prospect-building efforts by promoting your offer across Topica’s network of high quality partner sites (also referred to as lead generation or co-registration).
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Phase 2: Convert Prospects to Customers

Turn prospects into customers by gathering demographic and behavioral data about your prospects, to use for sending targeted information and relevant offers. Continuously improve your email and Web site messages and optimize conversion.
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Phase 3: Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Use your knowledge about your customers’ past purchases, preferences and behaviors to tailor content, cross-sell, up-sell, and strengthen customer loyalty.
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By using Topica’s solution, you will drive prospects to purchase and turn them into loyal, long-term customers.

Leverage Your Current Marketing Initiatives and Expand Your Reach
Topica provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution that enables your business to better leverage your online traffic-driving initiatives, such as Google or Overture. Using Topica, you will achieve a greater return on your advertising dollars by gathering more potential customers from your Web site traffic. By using responsive, relevant email communications you will convert more prospects into loyal customers.

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