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Your key to your success in e-Commerce

Quickly and easily create stunning e-commerce websites to sell your products on the Internet today without any programming skills. Join tenth of thousands of satisfied shop owners and professional website developers around the world who have placed their trust in one of the world’s most popular and powerful e-commerce solutions – and boost your income on the Internet with our secure shopping cart software.

F you are looking for an easy to use yet highly customizable e-commerce solution to create successful Internet shops for yourself or for others, then ShopFactory may be just what you are looking for.
More than 150,000 shops have been created with our secure shopping cart software all around the world, since we started in 1995 to create the world’s first do-it-yourself shop building software. Now an incredible 100 million people visit e-commerce sites powered by ShopFactory every month.

 Your key to your e-commerce success.

Numbers which make us very proud – and which have helped us gain much experience. Experience which can be the key to your e-commerce success.

After all, in the last few years the face of e-commerce has radically changed.

Today buying on the Internet is an almost normal part of life. The number of online shops has exploded. To be successful your website has to work harder than ever.

More demanding customers

Online customers have become more sophisticated and less tolerant. They are more informed and have higher expectations then ever before. Governments have released new e-commerce laws and website browsers are changing constantly. Internet search engines such as Google continuously adjust the ways in which they list Websites.

To stay on top and to make sure that e-commerce remains easy for you, we have to constantly develop and improve our solutions. This means adding new functions and features, reviewing how ShopFactory works and adjusting functions to make them comply with new laws, for example.

Free Secure Order processing

ShopFactory supports free secure order processing. Just enter your email address, and orders will be securely accepted on your behalf - and forwarded to you. Free of charge.
Your Benefit: Free order processing will save you money every year. And secure order pages make customers finalize a purchase.

Patent pending Fraud Protection

With patent pending security technology ShopFactory 6 is the only e-commerce solution in the world which can provide you with the shopping cart security you need and your customers with the shopping speed they want.
Your Benefit: Selling your products with ShopFactory is less risky - and you don't have to slow down customers to get this benefit.

Professional Design

ShopFactory 6 contains a large number of completely reviewed and professionally designed Website themes - in line with current trends.
Your Benefit: A professional and trustworthy web presence reflects well on your customers.

Fast loading times

ShopFactory 6.2 shops respond extremely fast to your customers - even on slow modems. Within 3 seconds your websites starts building on a 56k modem - and within 10 seconds your front page should normally be visible.
Your Benefit: A fast loading website means more customers will enter - and buy from you.

Fast shopping cart

The ShopFactory shopping cart for your website has been designed to react extremely fast to your users - in fact faster than most other shopping carts.
Your Benefit: A fast response means customers don't have to wait long - making them more likely to finalize their purchase.

Easy navigation

ShopFactory shops are extremely easy to navigate. We have made sure of this.
Your Benefit: Customers who can easily find their way around your website, are much more likely to place an order.

Easy Website customization

ShopFactory comes with NetsiteFactory included - an amazing visual Website editor which allows you to change the design of your website beyond recognition with just a few mouse clicks.
Your Benefit: You can create your own look with ease and stand out even more. 

Compliance with e-commerce laws

We try hard to ensure your website complies with local e-commerce laws.
Your Benefit: You can focus more on selling.

Multi currency support

ShopFactory allows you to show prices in many currencies if you are selling to other countries.
Your Benefit: This allows your customers to easily compare prices. If yours are better you will get the sale.

Build shops in any language

If your customers speak different languages, you may want to have your shop in different languages. ShopFactory International allows you to create shops in multiple languages.
Your Benefit: People who would otherwise not buy from you become potential customers.

Database import

If you have an existing database, you can import product information directly into ShopFactory.
Your Benefit: This speeds up shop creation and maintenance and saves you time and money.

Backend support

ShopFactory SalesManager helps you to maintain your orders and stores them in an Access Database.
Your Benefit: You can maintain your orders in SalesManager or import them into other Backend systems.

All e-commerce functions you need

Of course ShopFactory supports all the e-commerce functions you need - such as options and choices for products, multiple shipping regions, automatic shipping and tax calculation, many different types of discounts and much much more.
Your Benefit: If you use ShopFactory you can be sure that the functions required to be successful in e-commerce are supported.

Professional Services

ShopFactory supports many additional professional services, if you want to extend the functionality of your website. Services include  Membership Management, Password Protection, Online Order Management, Advanced Fraud Protection, Advertising Tracking and Electronic Softgoods Delivery.*
You Benefit: You can extend the capabilities of  your online shop with ease.

More Features

You will discover many more features in ShopFactory when you try it out.

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A world of experience

Keeping a big e-commerce solution such as ShopFactory up to date with the fast developing world of e-commerce is a big task. It requires a lot of experience, dedication, stamina and forward thinking. Which is why we have seen many e-commerce solution providers come and go in the nine years since we started out as the first shop-in-a-box solution provider - long before the Internet became really popular. Why are we still here when others aren't?

We didn't just grow to where we are today by chance. Most of our income goes straight back into development - so we can provide you with the best e-commerce solutions possible. And most of our development relies on much more than our own experience. Having been a leader in the area of e-commerce for so many years, we can offer you something very few others can:

The combined experience of tenth of thousands of shop owners and millions of shoppers.

Packaged in ShopFactory 6 for you to use with point and click ease. Because regardless how complex e-commerce becomes. We still believe it should be as easy and affordable for your as possible to provide you with the maximum benefit. The feedback from our customers and from their customers help us do just that.

Users back ShopFactory

Looking at the responses from our customers, it appears we are on the right track.


"I am impressed - We were up and running within a couple hours!" - Dr D A von Blerk (PhD, MSc), Ecofitonline

ShopFactory has been the best investment for my company. It is hard to find a good product that does every thing you request from it!" - Nick Blackman, Blackman Computer Consulting.

We average about $800.00 per day, the package works great, no HTML programming is required. Just fill in the blanks, set up your index page and publish to your ISP with the built in FTP program.” Michael Dickinson, Thompson Pharmacy

"Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great product ... I've been using SF for about two months and I'm so pleased with its ease and the many more things I can accomplish with it. Thank you from a happy customer." Joan Hannan, Hannan's Runway

"ShopFactory is the absolute best shopping cart system on the market. It's ease of use and almost zero learning curve makes it easy for me to turn a project over to less experienced developers." - Patrick Barela, Huntleigh Telecom Group

"I have been trialing a variety of shops and carts and yours is without doubt the easiest to use, the most professional looking, provides the customer input fields I need and basically is in a different league to the rest and ... You are providing the secure area FREE OF CHARGE...." Norton Townsend

I have tried out about 20 demo versions of store and shopping cart software, over the past couple of years, and for price and ease of use, your software is unbeatable.” John Lamarre, Curioshoppe

"Just a quick note to say thanks for a great product. I have really enjoyed using the software and find it's easy to use interface far more appealing than other products costing 2-3 times as much. Keep up the good work..." Hartley Slann, Slanns Homestore

I have uploaded my shop to my web site without problem and tested it with a dummy order. I was surprised at the speed that the order was processed and how quickly I got the confirmation. Thank you for providing such an excellent program!” David Houghton

"Best solution I´ve ever seen!!!" - Julian Flockton, F&K Multimedia

"I was truly stunned at the level of choices as to style and ability to easily change the "look" of my shop and now you give us the ability to have multiple languages.... WOW!" - Paul R Ouzts, Houston TX

"WYSIWID - What You Say Is What It Does!" - Henk Derickx, HD. Automatisering B.V

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Multi award winning

And not just our customers agree. A large number of awards won throughout the long history of ShopFactory proves professional critics also support ShopFactory.

A FIVE STAR review by states: "ShopFactory beats every other e-commerce solution on the market ... the others aren't even in the same class!"
Or as Internet World Germany wrote, when they gave us our first award for Version 6: "ShopFactory 6 is suitable for professional use - yet extremely easy to use."

An impression backed by ZD Net, who stated in their five star review of ShopFactory : "See how easy e-commerce can really be".

Many other prestigious awards and reviews around the globe further underscore ShopFactory’s qualities.

Here are just a few:

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Complete e-commerce solution

One reason why customers and critics like ShopFactory is, that ShopFactory is a complete solution. Every aspect from shop creation to website hosting and the management of orders is taken care of.

If you can use a computer with Microsoft Windows, then you can with point and click ease create your own shop, select which payment methods you want to accept, set your shipping costs and publish your Internet shop. Even if you know nothing about e-commerce or how and where to publish your website.

A number of professional  services* by partner companies such as GlobeCharge or santu for website hosting or online order management have been so well integrated, that selecting and using them becomes just a matter of a few mouse clicks. And if you need to grow, there are ShopFactory solutions available, which can grow with you.

Of course if you already have your own website space, then you can simply publish your shop to that site.

Unlike most e-commerce solutions online shops powered by ShopFactory work on any Internet website, as soon as they are published. No need for complex set ups. You don't have to be a computer expert to start selling with ShopFactory. 

Yet despite the amount of development all this has required over the years, we have still managed to keep ShopFactory extremely affordable for you.

Quality without a big price tag

Everyone knows e-commerce can be expensive. To prevent this we developed ShopFactory. We wanted to create affordable yet professional e-commerce solutions, which helps businesses and website designers avoid costly marketing mistakes. To this end we have added even more value to ShopFactory 6.

To help you get more exposure and to find customers faster we include your shop free of charge with santu, one of the world's leading shopping portals.

On top of this ShopFactory now includes three additional programs free of charge** - you save more than $500 - in fact more than ShopFactory 6 costs!

  1. Import Wizard ($179) allows you to import product information from an existing Product Database. If you have a product database, this helps you to create your shop much faster.
  2. SalesManager ($189) helps you take care of the orders you will receive.
  3. NetsiteFactory ($149) - a what you see is what you get Website editor which allows you to easily maintain and customize your website.

100% money back guarantee

Interested? Then don't wait any longer. 100 million customers visit ShopFactory shops every month. They can visit you soon, too.

Just go to our shop now by clicking on the link below. Select the ShopFactory version you want and buy it for a test drive.

In the unlikely case that ShopFactory 6 does not convince you, simply return it for a full refund within 30 days. It is as easy as that.

Click here to enter our secure ShopFactory shop now.


*additional charges may apply for professional services
**ShopFactory Light includes only NetsiteFactory


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