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      As we say in Belauan, Alii !!! Welcome to the Republic of Palau Embassy Website. We thank you for visiting our site and hope you find it informative in any queries you may have.

      This site is made to benefit; i) Palauan Citizens entering the U.S., or residing in the U.S. and i) business, organization, group or individual that cares to enter the Republic of Palau or seeks information on Palauan Citizen status residing in the United States.

We offer a range of information about Palau, and her people. From when is the best time to go to Palau, to Palauan status living in the United States. We will also post news that relates to Palau and its citizens. If you have any questions you can contact us at the number and address listed below. Mesulang.

1800 K St. N.W. # 714
Washington D.C. 20006
TEL: (202) 452-6814
FAX: (202) 452-6281