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This is the Ohio Bass Tournament Angler's Association website. This is a totally free site. There is no charge for posting your information and no charge for viewing it. This site is all about Competitive Bass Fishing. We exist for the sole purpose of promoting Bass Tournaments throughout Ohio. We have no financial ties to any Tournament Organization and do not accept advertising or sponsorship monies. With the exception of our link pages, you will find no advertising on this site. We will not promote one circuit or event over another. We do not set minimum standards nor do we certify or endorse any Tournament Circuit or Event. While initially we plan to list tournaments in the order they are received, we may sort them later either by date or by location if sufficient entries are received to makle such an index viable.


We would like to provide a complete and comprehensive list of all Bass Tournament Events throughout the State. If you are conducting such an event, email us and give us the information. We will post it and if you provide a MS-Word entry form, we will add a link to download your entry. If you have a website will also display a link to your page(s).


We also want to promote the Bass Clubs that are at the heart of many tournament programs. Whether federated or not, any bass club that is seeking new members may have their club information posted here.


We do ask that clubs that have websites post a link to our site on their links page but it is not a requirement.


The only thing that will cause this endeavor to fail is a lack of use. We may add additional features such as Lake Reports, Forums, and Photo pages if there is sufficient interest expressed.



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