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Upon entering a web site designed by Under Watercolours you'll immediately notice a difference. A difference in the look and feel of the site...a difference in the presentation of the message. This is because every web site we create is designed by an artist, not a programmer. A lifetime of graphic design training and experience goes into every project we create.

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The basics included with every site
Every web site includes basic elements which we offer in the design packages we propose. Web hosting, domain name registration, email POP mailboxes, forwards, and auto-responders are just a few of these features. Once we have had a chance to review your needs, we will propose which web hosting options and accessories are best for you.

Features that add life to your site 
Java, video clips, QuickTime VR and IPIX, interactive tours, dynamic HTML, dynamic fonts, animation, Flash, guestbooks, bulletin boards, slide shows, PDF documents, multi-lingual and mirror sites, interactive reservation systems, e-commerce solutions.

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