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Norfolk Island has a unique atmosphere and character of its own. There are old convict buildings and ruins, with their austere history which share the island with the courteous and gentle descendants of the Pitcairners along with the mainlanders who have come to share this peaceful haven in the South Pacific.



The seal of Norfolk Island, made in 1856, by Benjamin Wyon who held the position of "Engraver of the Royal Seal of England", 1831 - 1858. 

Although no longer in official use, the design has become an emblem for Norfolk Island.


The Australian and the Norfolk Island flags fly together above the entrance to the Military Barracks which dates from 1836. The principal building within these walls once housed 200 soldiers. Immediately inside the gate is the old guard house. On the west side of the compound was the Military Hospital and on the east the Officers Quarters.

Another view of the barracks with the prison ruins in the background

The Norfolk Island pier

Bloody Bridge, which derives its name from an overseer who was murdered and walled-up in the stone work of the bridge by rebellious prisoners who were later buried outside the cemetery boundary in a communal grave. 

An aerial view of Philip Island

One of the first houses to be built was in former times the residence of the Catholic priest

St. Barnabas' Chapel, consecrated in 1880. This memorial to Bishop Patteson was designed by Sir J. G. Jackson and built by the Melanesian Mission boys with help from the islanders. 

The ruins of the watermill stand in what was once an extensively cultivated area

Sailing at Slaughter Bay

The ruins known as the Blacksmith's shop located near the ruins of the old jail

Government House, the home of the commandants from about
1829, and since 1913, the residence of Norfolk Island's administrators.

Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island - A Short History

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