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Like all things we do at Neco Marine, we strive to achieve the highest standards and exceed the expectations of our guests. With our kayak tours, you will find an experience like no other, relaxing in our top of the line range of luxury Ocean Kayaks.




Weather, tides and currents affect the choice of our kayak route for the day, but of course such classics as Long Lake or Nikko Bay may be requested by our guests. Wherever you end up, you are going to be awed by the unspoiled natural beauty of Palau. Sit back and enjoy the view as you drift effortlessly through the crystal clear waters and emerald colored lagoons of Palau.

Our skilled guides will balance the day perfectly between gentle easy paddling and exploring the Rock Islands, either by snorkeling in the azure blue waters that are home to so many juvenile tropical fish, or by taking an easy walk into the heart of these magical little islands to discover old hideouts of the Japanese during WWII.

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