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Portofino Oil Painting, Inspired by Unfamiliar Artists Madame Monet & Her Son Oil Painting, Inspired by Monet
Quality Oil Paintings and Frames
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Da Vinci
Van Gogh
The Walk Oil Painting, Inspired by Renoir
Garden Steps Oil Painting, Inspired by Unfamiliar Artists
European art
Still life
Madonna & Child Oil Painting, Inspired by Unfamiliar Artists
God Speed Oil Painting, Inspired by Leighton
8"x10" (20cmx25cm)
20"X24" (50cmx60cm)
24"X36" (60cmx90cm)
36"X48" (90cmx120cm)
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Between $60 to $129
Between $130 to $239
$240 and up
Our paintings are hand painted oil on canvas and all in stock!
Unlike other websites, the images in our site are of the actual paintings you will receive.

White Stallion Oil Painting. Click to see it framed!!
Wilderness Creek Oil Painting. Click to see it framed!!
Oil Paintings Gallery offers beautiful oil paintings artwork and frames. Our oil paintings for sale are greatly discounted without compromising quality. We have textured hand painted oil paintings on canvas painted by highly skilled artists.
Our art for sale comprises a rich collection of many styles of art from classic to abstract, through Impressionism, Art Deco, Cubism, Surrealism and Naturalism.
Paintings like the Mona Lisa by and The Last Supper by Da Vinci, Creation of Adam and other motives from the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo.
Different subjects: Landscapes, Still Life, Figurative, Romantic, Nude, European Art and many more.
Our oil painting list includes replicas of: Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Cot, Van Gogh others.
Many of our oil paintings are original and are painted by unfamiliar artists.
Everyone enjoys art, and our oil paintings will enhance your home.
Within one week you can have any of your favorite artwork hanging in your living room, and at a most affordable price.

"... Your prices, selection, service and quality cannot be touched"

"... Never in a million years did I expect to these paintings to be as professional and vibrant as these. You are running a professional class act operation"

"... Your company has been a pleasure to work with"

"... The painting is beautiful - the frame is beautiful - the service wonderful"

"... Thank you for your quick delivery and excellent quality"

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Our Oil Paintings are hand painted oil on canvas
Oil Paintings Gallery,
Alpharetta, Georgia
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Oil Paintings Gallery, Alpharetta, Georgia.
Toll Free: 1-888-395-2577
Telephone: 1-404-625-3771
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