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Sample Postcard

Funafuti street scene
Photo: BRC
Fatele, traditional dancing
Photo: BRC
Beach on Funafala Islet, southern Funafuti
Photo: BRC
Tuvalu flag among coconut trees
Photo: BRC
House and boy on the beach, Vaitupu
Photo: Ted Williams
Sunset, Funafala motu
Photo: BRC
Lagoon beach, Nui
Photo: Ted Williams
Sunset, Funafuti lagoon
Photo: Ted Williams
Amatuku motu, Funafuti
Photo: Franck Martin
Mulitefala motu seen from Amatuku
Photo: Franck Martin
Nukufetau Lagoon, from Savave
Photo: Ted Williams
Motufoua School Fire memorial, Vaitupu
Photo: Ted Williams
Young Dancers, Funafuti
Photo: Ted Williams
Community Well, Nukufetau
Photo: Ted Williams
Dancers, Funafuti
Photo: Ted Williams
Jetty at Vaiaku Langi Hotel, Funafuti
Photo: Ted Williams

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Funafuti Nanumaga Nanumea
Niulakita Niutao Nui
Nukufetau Nukulaelae Vaitupu

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