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Whether it is your first or 100th visit to the Rock Islands, we guarantee you will see something you have never seen before. With over 300 unique islands in the Palau archepelago, each one shows a slightly different view of this amazing island chain. Let our experienced guides unravel the mysteries of the intricately connected azure blue crystal clear waterways that weave in and out of the bays, channels and hidden lagoons that lie among the enchanting and extraordinary Rock Islands of Palau.

Snorkeling gear, drinks and lunch are supplied. We recommended you bring protection from the Sun, rain (it is the tropics!) and something for your feet (sandals or dive booties). All you have to do is choose where you'd like to go.

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Rock Island Highlights
Secret Cove Jellyfish lake more... Soft Coral Arch
Natural Arch Mushroom Isle Seaplane and Ship Wrecks
Milkyway - cover yourself in the rejuvinating limestone deposits Honeymoon Beach
Please remember the choice of sites is dependant upon weather and tides.

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