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Micronesia Music Radio (Premium Broadcast)

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by jane_resture from updated: Feb 4, 05
created: Sep 2, 02
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 AM 24 kbps
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This Station Plays Tracks Like:
Betania Gospel Singers - Inanon Maiu - Te 12 n Turai 2000
Bikain Singers Vo. 8 - Te Uaereti - Te Uaereti Ae Karina Rokona
Kitwon Lometo - Bun Lik Lok - Jino
The Marshall Islands Navigators - Lemnak kin aelon kein - "Jap Elkwoj Pein Aak"
Xavier X. Fethal - Say I do - Island Girl

Broadcaster Comments
Welcome everybody to Micronesia Music Radio! Micronesia Music Radio is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and features traditional and contemporary music from right across Micronesia, from traditional chants to contemporary renditions by Bata Teinamati, Betania Gospel Singers and Bikan Singers (Kiribati) and other very talented artists such as Xavier X. Fethal and UB6 (Yap), Pat Martinez and Black Roses - Chuukese Way and Paradise (Chuuk), Enpeinboyz (Pohnpei), Kosraean Style Band - Esamak Kosrae, Enos and Gloria - Faisongoy (Kosrae), as well as the very talented Nica Wase, Mona Levy Strauss and Ann Sawej, The Marshall Islands Navigators and County Light from the Republic of the Marshall Islands, "Belauans" - Omdy & Taka (Palau), Ray S. Manahane - The Other Side of Me, Glenn "Poochie" Paulino - Kiana. The music of Micronesia has a strong mythological focus - it is often fundamental, often rhythmic yet always most exciting and enthralling. Micronesia Music Radio station is updated several times a week based on listener preferences and as new material becomes available. MICRONESIA MUSIC ANTHOLOGY The anthology can be accessed by clicking on the Broadcast Schedule after logging in to Micronesia Music Radio. This should allow you to determine when the anthology is available in your part of the world. For example, on the Australian Gold Coast, the anthology is available at 12 noon each Saturday. In California, the anthology would be available at 7 pm each Friday evening, New York would be 10 pm each Friday evening along with Florida and Boston, Massachusetts, USA. etc. In Kiribati, the anthology would be available each Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. The schedule can also be accessed at the following URL: The traditional music of Micronesia is distinctively different from other regions of the Pacific. This music employs very few instruments with the main instruments being conch shell horns, sticks, and the "box" which is beaten by a multitude of hands to provide a beat to accompany the singing which always predominates. With no written language, the traditional music of Micronesia encompasses the rich tapestry of tradition, spiritualism and culture of the Micronesian people. The anthology runs for 90 minutes in which the traditional chants are introduced followed by the songs of Micronesia including many from the Marshall Islands and Arno Atoll (Aeroplane Song). These songs range from traditional songs which have a chant-like presentation followed by later songs which use background instruments. The program culminates in two contemporary interpretations of traditional Micronesian chants. Also, the supporting Web site to the anthology is as follows: Thank you very much. For further information and to view some of the profiles of our talented artists please visit: ... Jane Resture

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