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Andy Vander Ploeg

3 Time Canadian Sportsfishing Champion 2001-2003
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The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company Ltd.
World Sales Office

594 Short St, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Canada, J1H-2E4
(819) 346-8135




Welcome to the Bottle Cap Lures Company


Click here for larger image.Have a close look at the biggest splash in the fishing lure market in years, the Original Bottle Cap Lures... that's right, Bottle Cap Lures! Hear me out... these things WORK! These lures are obviously not only 'catchy' but they're guaranteed to produce results.
Manufactured from recycled bottle caps, steel rattlers and assembled with Mustad Quality Hooks, the Bottle Cap Lures catch everything from bass, crappie, and perch, to trout, salmon, walleye, pike, muskie, char, whitefish... north to south, the list goes on. Our testimonials keep rolling in with new species caught using the Bottle Cap Lures.
My fellow angler, you are about to discover a secret that landed Andy vander Pleog two consecutive National Championships, and will not only land you monster fish, but will make you the talk of the fishing trip!!



Click here for larger image.You can order our six pack of lures here.
Buy a package of six bottle cap lures for a low price. Or if you wish, buy 100 or 1000 for a discount!

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Click here for more information on the 2005 Battle of the Brands Fishing Derby



You can place custom orders here! We can custom print your logos on the cap and the packaging. We can build 100 or build 1,000,000, for example if you are a brewing company we can have it say Hooked On BEER, Hooked On Coors, Hooked On Coca-Cola, Hooked On Joe's Tackle Shop, Hooked on Fishing, anything really....
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Click here for larger image.


You can order our feature apparrel products here!
Want a shirt and cap with our name? We can custom order and print shirts and cap with our name, your logo or what have you!

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Click here for larger image.



Click here for all your fishing information

Click here to contact our Canadian distribution manager! Alaska's premier full-service sport-fish processing. We take great pride in making sure the fish you receive are the fish you caught. Relive your Alaska fishing trip by simply opening your freezer.

Click here for Mustad Hooks

Click here for all your home  hardware needs!
Walter Hachborn of Home Hardware shows our lures!

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