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Italy Vacation Rentals - Over 2000 villas for rent in Italy. Italy-Villas offers a wide range of accommodations for your holiday rental. The type of vacation rentals we offer are Villas, Farmhouses, Country Houses, Apartments and Bed & Breakfast. No matter what your destination in Italy - Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples and all the other beautiful Italian cities and villages - Italy Villas has the vacation rental that will make your trip to Italy unforgettable.

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This week's special: Palazzo Banfi
Stay 2 Weeks
Receive 20% Discount

Gorgeous apartment in a Tuscan village. Wonderful views. All facilities and shops near-by the house. Sleeps 5.

2 Weeks for Only 1040 Eur
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Advice for your trip to Italy.
Travelling in Italy, land of art, culture and natural beauty!

A trip to Italy like no other - staying in a classic Tuscany villa or Italy villa allows you to get in touch with art and culture. The pleasures of good food and music, traditional crafts and expressions of collective religion, folklore and contemporary art, opera and operetta, concert and theatre seasons: in Italy the calendar of festivals and events is practically endless.

Day after day people work weaving a continuous thread with the past and memory, living and interpreting the present and imagining the future in a crowd of festivals, rituals, exhibitions, expositions, recitals and markets.

An Italy vacation in a country which has succeeded in cultivating the greatness of even its least noted cities, villages and hamlets. There is scarcely a place in Italy that has remained untouched by the waves of history, art, folklore and culinary tradition, where a visit does not afford a chance for reflection or even simple pleasure.

An Italy holiday is filled with art treasures of such quality, spread so well across the country: Italy can rightly be considered an open-air art gallery. No other country in the world can boast the cultural and artistic treasures of Italy. More than half the world's historical and artistic heritage is found in Italy. Evidence can be seen in every village. An Italy tour is a journey into Italian art.

We wish to give you, as complete as possible, a guide not only to its museums, but also to its cathedrals, churches and parishes, its monasteries and convents, its villas, palaces and castles spread throughout the country, its archaeological sites and the monuments that adorn small towns and big cities alike. An endless journey into culture and beauty.

Italy has a long history! Italy as a geographical area was mentioned as far back as during the age of the highly civilised Etruscan people, as is borne out by the manuscripts kept in some museums. A Latium and Tuscany vacation are the best way to discover the regions where most Etruscan settlements are found, although they also populated Umbria, Campania and some zones of what is now Emilia Romagna and Lombardy. Then came the Romans who, starting from the 3rd century BC unified the whole peninsular under their dominion and indeed most of at that time known world.
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