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Coming in 2005

"The Tip-Up Quick Pick-Up"


Benefits to owning a "Tip-Up Quick Pick-Up":

Winds tip-ups in fast with the push of a momentary button.

Winds in artic,  polar,  beaver dam,  etc...  any tip-up  that has a ( T ) for
the flag to hook to.

Made of aluminum for durability.

Can operate it with your thumb wearing gloves or choppers preventing your fingers from going numb.

With two tremendously bright LED's (10,000 mcd's) it is also your flashlight with the push of a button.

Uses four AA batteries.  Estimated battery life is one ice fishing season.

One year limited warranty.


Why own  a "Tip-Up Quick Pick-Up"

I have been ice fishing for twenty years now and I can't imagine why any one
in their right mind would not want a device such as this. Twenty years of ice
fishing and the only part I truly never enjoyed was winding in my tip-ups with
my bare hands, wet and exposed to the cold wind - not to mention trying to hold the flashlight
under my arm so I could see. This is where the "Tip-Up Quick Pick-Up comes in to use! 
Why not have a device that you can use to wind your tip-ups in out of
10 feet of water, 50 feet of water, 100 feet of water it doesn't matter
"The Tip-Up Quick Pick-Up" will have your tip-ups wound up in seconds
without the numb fingers or the snow - filled choppers or the flashlight 
 under the arm trick?  The way I see it, this is the device
the ice fisherman has been waiting for!  I don't leave
home with out mine.

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